what kind of things to do with a guy friend?

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  1. So.what kind of things do.you do blades with your guy friends..need some.ideas. because we only go to strip joints.
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    Strip joints haha... Perhaps Talk, listen to music, play video games, go on a hike, shouldn't be that difficult. Obviously smoke weed.
  3. fishing
    general asshattery
  4. me and my friend just chill in his cabin and playvideo games while smokeing mad blunts. we also make bon fires and get super drunk and chill with girls but not a whole lot since we live out in the boonies
  5. Smoke, drink, talk, listen to music, watch youtube videos, movies or tv shows.
  6. Intellectual talks while smoking and pre-drinking.

    Emotional talks on the way to the after party.

    Spiritual talks before passing out.
  7. Clubs, Various drugs, Smoke bud, Get drunk, Go to the pub, Play sports, I dunno just generally fuck around lol? This shit aint that hard
  8. Soggy biscuit
  9. Golf. Fish. Frisbee golf. Drink beer in bar. Shoot pool. Throw darts. Sword fight. Talk about guy stuff. Play cards. Build an epic tree house.
  10. Play guitar. Listen to music. Program beats and freestyle. Hit bongs, smoke blunts, hit the hookah then go drive around smoking ciggs listening to good tunes. Longboarding. Philosophical stoned conversation. Drink. Etc etc.
  11. smoke weed. then go to strip joints :smoke:
  12. Most of my friends used to listen to the same music as me... now most of them play the same music as me. So I don't know haha that's my only real suggestion I guess.
  13. Today I picked up a female friend at the airport, (i'm the guy friend), and we went down a river on inner tubes. Two weeks ago, I met another female friend at a lake house about 50 miles outside the city, and spent a few days kayaking around and smoking weed, and cooking alot of food and drinking lots and lots of wine.

    I have a lot of female friends, but the two or three that live the closest, and that I see the most often usually come by and hang out, smoke some, and they either talk shit about how I'm messy, then clean up my house, or we might go out and do something during the day instead. For instance, about 2 weeks ago I went to an art exhibit that a female friend of mine was interested in, not long before that I went with another one to see a musical, (even though I'm not gay, or really into musicals), because she didn't want to go by herself, or take some guy who doesn't want to go and then might expect to get laid. Sometimes I'll accompany a female friend shopping, or I'll go with her to get something fixed on her car, or she might just ride around with me all day while I run errands and smoke blunts in the car.
  14. smoke weed, make music, fuck around in the woods
  15. Smoke weed, touch penises, play football, xbox, ect.
  16. Have a buttsex orgy.:D

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