What kind of stuff do you say when youre having sex?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Paper Planes, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Ignorance is very dangerous. It's gotten many people killed throughout history.
  2. Whoah dude chill

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  3. I straight fucking died laughing. 
  4. "Yeah, make my dick disappear, girl. Yeah. Oh, shit, where'd my dick go? Whatcha do with my dick, girl? Oh there it is."
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    ive never really thought about how much I probably say fuck yes during sex..... lolol
  6. "Fuckin pinch that biggun off on my chest like a healthy girl"
    "Do you want me to frost those turds"
    "Who is up for the next hot Carl?"

    "God, your dad has a sexy cock"
  7. you aint gonna shit right for a week
  8. mmm thats so fuckin good
    ohhh baby
    ooo yeah like that yeaaaa
  9. ... Yes.... :mellow:
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  10. I tend to laugh..is that weird? I feel like it's weird.
  11. Nothing...I am too busy moaning and enjoying myself to be talking!!!
    Nope. Last time I had a REALLY powerful orgasm, I started laughing at the tail end of it. Doesn't sound weird at all! :)
  13. I say "put your finger in my butt."

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  14. I have begun to notice actually that my dirty talk has been slipping, or I'm just really quiet. I mean...I'm working pretty hard over there. Do you say much while going for a run :p ?
    With that being said, every now and then the mood strikes me and I blurt something ridiculous out. I think the last time my hand slowly creeped around her neck (this particular person likes that sort of thing) and called her a dirty fucking cum dumpster (yes, also liked that sort of thing :p ). If I recall correctly, her eyes rolled to the back of her head shortly after I said that  :wub:
  15. Oh, dude. I *love* having a hand around my neck in the throes of it. A little bit of asphyxiation never hurt anyone.

    I mean, except babies, maybe. Probably small animals, too.
  16. One of my faves is looking her right in the eye, and saying "I want you to scream my fucking name when you cum. Do you understand that?" Bitches love dat shit  :devious:
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    Yeah, but to be fair it can be a bit risky if you don't already know someone is into that (although I have been surprised on a few occasions when people practically move their neck into my hand if it's in safer lower more diplomatic place to start  :p ) .
  18. "you like the way i stab you with my pork sword you little cunt?!"
    "queef on my dick"
    "i just peed a little"
    those are the more common ones
  19. P.S. I plan to pick the juiciest entry in this thread and use it the next time I have sex :p
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    If they can queef on your dick on command, that's a level 10 keeper.

    Just another party trick to show the guys.

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