What kind of stuff do you say when youre having sex?

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    So unless you're just stone silent the whole time, I think most of us tend to have certain things that fly out of our mouths in the heat of the moment. What are yours?
    The most obvious sign that my partner is hitting it right is when I start moaning, "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod" over and over in rapid succession. "Yes", "right there", and "oh, fuck" happen a lot, too.

  2. "Take it like a good girl"
    "Look at me while I fuck you"
    "Whos pussy is this?"

    Ya know, shit like that.
  3. Does crying count? lol only joking
  4. My gf isn't really into dirty talk, usually we only say stuff like "Oh fuck, oh god" moans etc. Other times commands like "Lower, higher, faster, harder etc"
  5. "Gargle my sack while I fuck your face"
    Only thing that needs to be said
  6. well we get international with our boot knockins, spanish mami papi asi asi, que rrrica mamasita, but you know, engrish as well. i tend to say more than she does, she knows how to move thats for damn sure.
  7. Oh, shit, that's hot.
  8. Right? Chicks love that shit. Especially when im hitting it from the back.
  9. Guys can dig that kind of thing, too. The other night, The Boy and I were on our sides and he was behind me, and I started moving my hips in that fluid motion and really squeezing him and getting into a rhythm. That made him moan like crazy, and I answered with "Oh, he likes that, does he? Like this?" and did it a little faster. He went crazy.

    He loves it when I let him know I'm running things. :D
  10. Bitch can't say shit when I'm choking her
  11. Did you cum yet? I got to work in the morning.

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  12. "Where the fuck am I?"

    "What the hell, what's going on here?"
  13. Damn. I need a girl like you
  14. Most of your normal stuff. Mostly moans and commands. My favorite is telling someone to choke me and growl/moan when they do it until it gets tight enough for me. Most stuff comes naturally when i'm really feeling good or getting close. Telling someone to just fuck me with emphasis usually gets it across or telling them to manhandle or get rough most of the time they really enjoy it. If i'm in command the normal tease and asserting dominance is my go to. Moans or sounds that you can do that sounds satisfied when you're pleasuring them. So on n so forth.
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    *big Sean voice*

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  16. Hey, wheres the cream fillin'?
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    Usually I look a bitch dead in the eyes while doing the peoples eyebrow, then I instantly nut inside her and say "there's a cure for aids now right ?"

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    That's dumb. You can't get AIDS from sex.
    You can only get HIV. After several years of having HIV, if your immune system doesn't fight it off, you develop AIDS. HIV always comes before AIDS and not everyone who gets HIV gets AIDS and everyone who is on medication doesn't get AIDS. 
  19. Lol you took that sarcasm way to seriously.

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