What kind of strain is this?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Summergirl1185, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,
    Any advice would be much appreciated. I was gifted this plant 3 weeks into veg and just started flowering 3 days ago.
    Thanks 20190723_110512.jpg
  2. No way to tell strain from a picture.
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  3. Marijuana. Pretty much all we can tell you from a pic. Ask the person you got it from
  4. Impossible to tell a strain from a pic
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  5. best I can tell ya is it's more then likely a indica or indica leaning hybrid as the leaf blades are not skinny like a sativa would tend to be . side note fill that bucket the other 50% till its full
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  6. I figured this much, just thought their may be someone that could answer.
    Any words of wisdom for a new grower?
    Shes in a 5 gal of ffof soil with 600w led.
    Only using organic unprocessed green coconut water in distilled about 15ml per liter to feed. Also have given one feeding of molasses. Any suggestions?
    Thanks yall 20190721_191103.jpg
  7. Thanks pat, I will def put more soil when I water today!
  8. It's definately a weed strain...
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  9. They actually look a bit more Sativa to me....
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  10. I was told it was northern lights. But it is very tall and lanky like a sativa, even though the leaves are wider like an indica. I guess hybrid. But other than that I dont know
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  11. 100% certain it’s Pluto Og
    You can tell by the node spacing
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  12. Wow really? Have you personally grown this strain? Any observations or advice? Thank you so much
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  13. i would revert back to first answers for the true answer to your post good luck :)
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  14. Well, it could be. Different phenotypes present different characteristics. Tall and lanky could be from growing conditions. Light intensity, spectrum, light distance etc.

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    Looks like tripple dipple Billy willy nilly OG kush crossed with apple Seattle cattle haze...

    Nobody can tell you what strain you have from a picture.
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  16. You sure it's not chitral landrace? It's very purple!
  17. The mass majority of strains are hybrids.
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  18. Thanks for the feedback yall!
  19. So I added some soil and watered and did a little bending to top branches. Today she is very over watered looking. Is this Normal for the little stress I gave her 20190724_141457.jpg yesterday?
  20. low stress pulling the branches back shouldn't cause much issues , same with adding soil . Do you have drainage in that bucket at the bottom ? The coconut water has calcium, magnesium, potassium in it in traces amounts so should not be a issue either .

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