What kind of soil, so many choices`

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  1. Confused on all the varities. Can I use soil from the garden and mix with potting soil. I have been gardening for years in pots with the two mixtures.
  2. Using soil from your garden could contain pest, viruses, none beneficial bacterial, nematodes and other things unwanted. If you are composting and mixing soils yourself always allow the soil to sit under a black tarp in the sun and cook for 30 days. If mixing your own soil is a labor of love then by all means continue on. If you don't mind spending the money on pre mixed soils I recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest. This has everything you need and it's very balanced with no burn fertilizers. After a month or two remember to supplement NPK's again and add a good enzyme formula like Hygrozyme. Ocean forest contains pH balance dolomite lime so pH adjustment likely won't be needed with every watering.

    Many farmers recommend adding Light Warrior to their soil mix. I've found it's not needed.
  3. thank you so much, as I said earlier sometimes starting can be really confusing

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