What kind of soil and nutrients do I need for a indoor grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rastamarleykush, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Looking for what kind of soil do I use for growing weed indoors. Also wondering what kind of nutrients do I have to add and when to add them.
  2. Depends on what you want to do. Organic water only, soil with nutes, coco/perlite (which is a type of hydro grow).
  3. Roots 707 and Remo around week 3 from seed
  4. Soil will be slow and low yielding but can be some tasty fire when done right.

    I would suggest an all Perlite Hempy with Hydro nutes, choose your flavor. Read up on it, it’s about the simplest form of hydroponics. Coco/perlite is similar but uses a bit more nutes running to waste
  5. Use the search function and look....
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  6. Your screen name is calling for an all organic soil grow. Use the one over in the organic growing forum.
    So much to read, better get started ;)
  7. Biobizz light mix with biobizz organic grow and biobizz organic bloom its impressed the shit out of me so far brilliant drainage and 1 of only a few fully certified and recognised 100% organic produce. Coco is also a outstanding growing medium

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