What kind of relationship do you have with your dealer?

Discussion in 'General' started by Skywalker298, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Is it like He gives you the weed you guys talk for abit and he leaves or Is it like He gives you the weed and nothing else is said?Im just curious

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    Usually 30 seconds -> a  few minutes of chit-chat, ask how things are going, what they've been up to. Doesn't hurt to be friendly with the guy :smoke:
  3. My dealer is slow, slow as the grass grows. :)
  4. My main i met him as a dealer and hes now a close friend. Hang out with him frequently, assist each other with things, have lots of trust, etc.
  5. Me and my main dealer are decent friends I'd say. We chill 6-7 times a month. He's pretty cool. He's Jamaican and his accent cracks me up sometimes haha Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  6. A sexual one.
  7. It depends on her mood. Women- amirite?
  8. Well I have 3 main dealers, one of them we just talk for like 30 seconds, whats up, how's life, etc. The other one just tells me to take it easy and that it's some fire and gives me the bag. The last one is one of my good friends, so yeah.

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  9. I have many dealers this 14 year old girl who hooks me up with 10 dollar eigths is pretty chill usually try not to have to much Congo with her since I'm 5 years older than her. Then my other guy who drops off is usually like whaddup hear you go then he dips then my other guy is super chill we have a bunch of mutual friends and we blow together pretty often. He even ate some unmetionables and chilled at my house. He just doesn't have the quality buds. Usually decent middiesSent from my Nexus S 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. my main connect is like a really chill girl, ive had sex with her once, but i dont think she is interested in being in a relationship with me. we have a good relationship and i usually trust her with money or weed. 
    i recently started buying from a guy i went to high school with, he was cool back then, but i think he is addicted to hard drugs now and i think he might rob me.
    i also buy from this black dude every now and then, he's friends with one of my friends. month i bought a oz from him but it was short like 6 grams. i told him about it but he didnt get back to me. a couple days ago he called me up of his own volition and gave me back 10 grams. which was cool lol.
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    I use to work with the dude, that's how we met. Been cool for a couple years now and now almost every time I go buy from him we end up chillin, matching blunts and playing Xbox. We aren't like good friends or anything but were defiantly cool with each other. Really works when you you need a little front and I don't have to worry about being shorted, he always hooks me up.. Sometimes when I only have 5 bucks on me hell still Hook me up with a 1.7 or 6. Really cool dude.. My Reggie dude anyway
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    Buy some, smoke some. He's probably gonna teach me to grow too

    That's about it he's 7 years older than me
  13. Convos are usually short just like everyone else who posted, one of mine always says he wants to chill and match but every time I get a bag/text him to chill he always gives some lame excuse how he can't, so I'm just like whatever fuck it
  14. Same here sometimes he smokes me out.
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  15. let's just say i'm not never getting any dome.Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. Pretty close. I help trim bud when it's time
  17. I love the relationship i have with my dealer lol
    Shits the best. I get grams of his hash for $20. Generally a golden wax lately its been nectar cause he uses a new solvent. Like golden moist brown sugar lol so good and ya general deal goes as such..
    Ill call him and ask if he can sell an eighth if not a gram.. He'll let me know what he can do. hang up
    He'll text me when he's five minutes out generally shows up within 30min
    Knocks, comes in says hi hands me a piece of parchment paper or whatever and i give him a $20 tell him to have a nice day and he peaces out.
    Every now and then ill sell him a case of butane as well but that only adds another 10second or so to the transaction lol.
    Couldn't tell ya two things about the guy and he couldn't bout me and our lives do not intersect besides those brief moments in time.
    Id go as far as to say its a sublime dealer relationship.
  18. My dealer is my gf older sister... but my girl always drops it off. So i get a half oz dub of fire mids and and a beej. I missed being home.sent from underneath my balls
  19. I've had too many to count over the years.

    Some were acquaintances, some were good friends, some were part of my family.

    The guy I've been going to recently is a good dude and a good friend of mine. Lives right next door to my best friend, so naturally it didn't take long to party after he moved in. That was like 2 years ago. Gets his herb super cheap so we do too. $100 on the halferrrr. :smoke:
  20. usually end up talking to my guy for like an hour or something.
    I don't mind, usually, cos he's a chill guy and I like being around chilled people, we usually talk about our plants, cars, current issues, all of that, having a decent convo with someone is actually worth my time, But sometimes im just too hung-over or on the way to a friends house and I just CBF with the chit chat. but I cant be rude, cos he's a great dealer and if anything sort of a buddy now, so im not gonna be a prick to him. but I guess it's one of the small prices you pay for luxury. I rarely need to buy off anyone else, he's always got what he says he does for the price, hes always on time, and its always chilled.
    At the end of the day, I could not be fucked waiting around in carparks and all that, but if the guy im meeting has something interesting to say other than "yeh it's good stuff, man" then im down to shoot the shit...

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