what kind of question is that?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. 23) I'd enjoy the day more if ...
    I wouldn't be taking this stupid test
    It had more boobies in it
    I didn't have these voices in my head!
  2. It says i'm normal! I guess if I were a guy. I don't know about smearing whipped cream on Jennifer Lopez...
  3. The test is geared more towards the guys but I would have no problem with the whipped cream thing myself.;)

    Anyway, It says I'm hanging on the edge. Like we all didn't know that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, sensimil, what did it say about you????
  4. it says i'm an average freak. gee, and i thought i was normal. :D

    now, where's jlo and that whipped cream?!?
  5. \

    Yeah, where are they???????
  6. GIMME A 4!


    well that one question set me back..cause the voices can kill me on some days they think im tone deaf..

    and hell ill smear some whipped cream on jennifer lopez..hehe

    yes, to get drunk and puke on your parents day

    all in all, my mentalness is a 4...lol im hanging in there...so dont you people go pushing me over..!

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