What kind of problems, if any, will I be dealing with

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  1. Just wondering if I should expect some issues, any input would be appreciated.
    \nI switched to 12/12 on October 5th.
    I Left for a trip on October 9th.
    I Returned on October 12th.
    \nUpon return, I noticed I that I had forgotten the 60 watt closet light on.
    \nSo basically, my 600 Watt HPS was working fine on a timer of 12 hours on and 12 hours off.. but from the 9th to the 12th, the standard 60 watt light bulb was left on the entire time.
    \nThe plants were grown from feminized seeds.
    \nShould I expect any issues? I did notice that the plan grew significantly during that time.

  2. I wouldn't expect to many issues, light leaks are never good but you will most likely be fine. It's really a question you have to answer on your own, just check on your flowers daily and watch them grow, you will notice if it seems like anything has slowed down.
    Just get them into there scheduled routine and take care of that light you had left on obviously :p
    I'm doing my first grow right now and I started them in there own little closet with CFL's during veg, and now for the most part of flower i've just put them on the window sill in the sunlight and occasionally i'll use CFL's on gloomy days to aid them. There just nice frosty little plants for personal use so i'm not trying to over do it and the flowers look great. Nothing massive as I don't use the lights all the time, sunlight mix, etc but they are still healthy plants and I only ever used water and natural soil, no nutrients or bud booster or any of that.
    I find the best way to keep your plants healthy is by physically checking on them daily and learning how they grow and react to certain things like temperature, bugs, light, etc. They are so cool  :smoke:
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    Thanks for your input. They do seem fine so far. From what I can see they all have lady parts and only lady parts.

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