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What kind of pipe is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by donnyrst, May 9, 2011.

  1. long explaination so take a piss now or just hold it

    I recently found a pipe in my house and im not sure what to call it.Its wooden,and has a cm thick piece of wood with a hole in it covered in mesh.this slides away on a hinge and reveals a opening.When i first found it,it had what seemed like tobacco,and smelled like tobacco.under the tobacco,there was a small layer of steel wool between the hole(for inhalation) and tobacco,which scares me because i know that steel wool is sometimes used to filter crack.I have some pictures on flickr of them but im not sure if im allowed to add a link here as i just joined yesterday
  2. link it i wanna see
  3. Go ahead and link it.
  4. yes you are def aloud to link it so go for it, i want to see lol
  5. magic flight launch box?
  6. That just sounds like an old (possibly antique) tobacco pipe. The hinge is probably so you can disassemble it to clean it, or to put in a filter of some kind. Pictures would definitely help, but don't get carried away thinking it's some crazy thing. It might even just be your dad's.
  7. #9 donnyrst, May 9, 2011
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    i know but usually when i see steel wool and drugs i immediatly think "OH SHIT CRACK OMG GET THIS SHIT OUTTA HERE "i threw whatever was in it away,i might have thrown away good pot
  8. This forum is for 18+ individuals.

  9. not really getting your point,i already found that out when i signed up yesterday
  10. alright im almost completely sure now that this pipe was once used for marijuana,i shoved a wire hanger through the mouth piece and it is COVERED in resin

  11. i see father-son bonding in your future...
  12. tobacco produces resin too..

  13. yeah but this had that signature smell that covered the entire room,i hope i got it off all of my clothes
  14. Did you take a piss or did you wait it out?

  15. i have a fan thats constantly on in the room and i was waving my arms alot to try to get the smell out,it went away eventually,but the drawer that all my weed is in still smells,might have to relocate

  16. lolwhaaa?
  17. Its a wooden cannabis pipe not a tobacco pipe. No one smokes crack from a wooden pipe. OP the pipe is safe to use.


  18. shit happens

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