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What kind of pipe is this? Im confused..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flurmy1, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. What time of pipe is this? or whatever it is
  2. one hitter?
  3. Put the pieces together and we'd probably be able to get a better idea.
  4. hahha put it together man i can't see for shit in these pics... but is that white tube a cig. one hitter?
  5. [quote name='"flurmy1"']What time of pipe is this? or whatever it is


    It looks like a one hitter. Have you used it yet?
  6. Small socket, medium socket...And a spout.:cool:

  7. no thats why im asking yall. i never smoked. im gonna smoke first time this weekend.
  8. That My friend is definitely a 4:20 Pipe.:smoke:
  9. A shitty one (just sayin')
  10. The white tube is a onehitter

    The other is kind of weird, idk why it's different colors but I had one (your not suppose to take out the white thing -.-) it's a pipe but when it's all together you can pack a bowl and close it and the herb won't fall out!
    Also after you hit it you can cover the hole so no smoke gets away, theyre called smokeless stealth pipes they're kinda cool but when the top is on it takes forever for the herb to burn

  11. Thanks! But could you explain a little more on how to use it? Much appreciated!
  12. Sneakatoke dude
  13. idk what all those other pieces are for but just put weed in the white thing and fire her up.
  14. There's two separate pieces here. The white one is a one hitter disguised as a cig, and the other is the previously mentioned 4.20 pipe/ sneakatoke/ whatever the hell you wanna call it. To use the cig just plug some herb in the top and go, for the sneakatoke you just have to slip the black rubber piece onto the green piece. Then fill green bowl shape with herb and screw on the red top. When you put the flame up to the little hole on the red piece the flame will ignite said herb and tokeage will occur. Both are very good for sneaky snake sessions, but I prefer the sneakatoke.
  15. #16 SpaceCitySkunk, Dec 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 2, 2011
    That my friend is a very cheap One Hitter and a Sneak-A-Toke. Inhale on the rubber piece and light the tip of the chamber. Stuff the "herb" in the middle console or the hole and screw it back together! THAT BITCH IS GOING TO BURN LIKE HELL AFTER A BOWL OR me!:devious:
  16. that on the right is a sneak-a-toke/ stealth pipe whatever the fuck you wanna call it haha. I have a blue one of my own. its a neat little piece. different rubber piece though.
  17. The sneak a toke is cool but unless you like have a few min to smoke a bowl do it because the herb doesn't light so well so a bowl lasts a real long time (that's if you leave the top on) oh and get a screen

    I'd use the metal one hitter just don't suck too hard or you'll get "ashed" and have a piece of clothe to wrap it in it gets a smell but yeah I like one hitter more than anything else

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