What kind of Perculator?

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  1. What kind of Percolator design is this? If it specific, I want all my bongs to have these Percs.

    The design is super efficient at stacking bubbles up to the tops of the chambers bad ass. Almost like high end BC2009/2010 Bubblers.

    Every rip extremely fucks me up. Like no other.
    Hello GC, This is my first peculator bong, ive ripped many other's with stem/spiral perks before.
  2. I believe those are halo percs. But they aren't a full circle like most are. So... Idk. Lol. But I'd say they're halo percs :smoke:
  3. halo percs. circular inlines.
  4. halo percs 4 life. Im baked off everything I pack in this thing.

    :smoking: :smoking:
  5. Halo percs are known to be draggy.
    Those are Chinese halo percs, to be specific.
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    Yep, your exactly right about the Chinese production ect. I find that a bit of a negative, but i'm surprised at the low drag these specific perc's bring.

    Ill admit, if someone was a bong n00b this thing would almost be clogged to death by now, you can pull easily enough to get water flying in your mouth pretty quickly if not experienced.

    These percs have some pretty big slits, bigger then even my stem's slits. The limiting factor is the design how to narrow's all the smoke inside the small brown tubes to be guided to the slits on the peculator.

    Many of my friends have been hitting this bong, I do occasionall shake fest with ISO and Salt to get it nice n Clean. Gonna grab a Ash-catcher, with some huge stem, so it wont increase the drag that much at all.

    Allot of my friends have hit this thing with good comments, a couple of some double perc bongs(stem tree's 6 tree+8tree percs. It drags about as much or a little less then that, but she clears like a beautiful beast when you pull that slide.

    Thanks for comments blades n pro's
  7. ...I'd like to see pictures of that thing stacking to the top.
  8. Damn that thing must be dope if it rips like the 2009BC bubs.... what kind of perc did the 2009's have again?

  9. It's time for the perculator.
  10. We call those percs 1990's...aka garbage
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    A good tube doesn't require experience to keep your mouth dry, just saying.

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