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What Kind Of People Do You Enjoy Being Around While High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thatgoodjamaican, May 22, 2013.

  1. how should people act when high, in your oppinion. what annoys you that people do? what should and shouldnt people do while high. whats the perfect person to be around? 

  2. I like chill people, I hate stoners who never shut the hell up. Specially when their bragging about how big of a stoner they are, ruins my high.
    People who are just cool, chill, and laid back, like to listen to some classic rock, those are the people I like to be around when i'm stoned. Telling  a joke is good every now and then to get some laughs if you're hanging with people who are actually funny, but learn to be quiet..I like to RELAX when blazed.
  3. i like to surround myself with chill people, but everyone is different
  4. I'm not a huge fan of people that just sit around and smoke. I prefer to smoke with people that will do stuff no matter how sketchy it sounds. Also, I love playing basketball with people high, not serious but for fun. I used to just want to sit and chill but it gets kind of boring.
  5. Funny people.
  6. People who I can talk to. I used to be friend with this dude, we would smoke all the fucking time. We just talked and talked and rambled About life.
    Pretty fucking enjoyable.
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    Honestly, a person doesn't take the role of a lame authority figure or just completely ruin the scene. 
    I specially enjoy: humorous (this is a rare component nowadays ), philosophical, theoretical, fun, loosen up (non-serious), wise, spontaneous, adventurous, knowledge seekers, music enthusiasts, oddball (like people that have inner eccentric side that is usually repressed for the sake of non-embarrassment, bring that shit out!), creative, and last but not least, chill. This describes me, haven't found anyone similar. 
  8. It might sound sad but I prefer smoking by myself. I'd rather be with people who don't feel the need to have to do something all the time but my friends always complain when I just wanna stick on a movie or tv series and relax.
  9. Yeah I like smokin' wit chill people really.... people who i obviously get along with and can also have nice conversations with.
    I also like smokin n goin to play some ball, so it all depends on what I'm in the mood for.
  10. People that are:

    Laid back
  11. funny people usually
  12. I actually just like smoking by myself nowadays... I've found I don't get as high or enjoy myself as much when I am smoking with other people. Seems as if people actually kill my high.

    This isn't to say I don't enjoy company while high, just haven't found people I enjoy being around (like my girlfriend for example is usually in a pissy mood when I smoke weed, so I usually wait until she goes off to bed)
  13. Chill. Not annoying. Can have a intelligent conversation with. AND someone who has some interest that I do.
  14. i like guys that like to chill and listen to good music, but are also willing to talk if anyone has something interesting/thoughtful to say. it's also awesome to smoke with my close guy friends who don't judge anything any of us do, cuz that makes the atmosphere so much ore relaxed... nothing kills my mood more than smoking with some guys i've never smoked with before and having them be like "what the fuckkk" when we act weird as shit.
  15. Me and my homies like to smoke and do stupid shit. And we don't realize its stupid while we are stoned, but as soon as we come down we're always like " Oh fuck that was dumb as hell ". But I enjoy people that are down for anything, intelligent, funny, and chill.
  16. I love funny people that crack me up when I'm high. Tommy Chong would be a perfect candidate.

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