What kind of nute burn is this?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hoveya, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. i was all excited, i was ready to change over to fowering but my i came home and my soils Ph was off the charts, that was a few days ago, now after my big flush ( on wednesday to re balance my pH) i come home to this all over myleaves! can someone help me identify it and how to fix? when i re introduce Nutes will it fix this?! im sooo stressed out but i love growing just this grow has been one thing after another ... first was the mites, then the ph, and then after i fix that ,THIS!


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  2. Is that the only leaf that it's on?
  3. no on majority of my older growth

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  4. heres more pics[​IMG]

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  5. I've got the same thing going on. Don't know what it is but want to know
  6. Most people will say this is spider mites. I myself have a very similar, very bad issue with this on one particular strain I'm growing. Only on that strain and nothing else that I'm growing.

    Use a magnifying glass and look at the undersides of the leaves with the damage, if you see tiny bugs, it's spider mites for sure.

    If on the other hand you look at the underside and see no signs of mites, verify that your water is ph'd properly, if it is, you need calcium.

    When you inspect for bugs, it is absolutely imperative that you use a magnifying glass or jeweler's loupe, those little shits are tiny and absolutely impossible to see with the naked eye.
  7. thanks so much for the response. its not mites. ive dealt with those bastards quite a bit. i find mite damage tends to be a brighter yellow almost little cuts out of the leaves... however this damage like you said tends to resemble calcium deficiency which a friend of mine i just face timed confirmed. remember i said i flushed them and he said i probably deprived the plants of some crucial nutrients and they’re just responding to the new environment ..... i gave them a half liter of water with a very slight mox of food (i know its not recommended after flushing but its been 3 days since the flush and theyre in a 5 gallon pot) ... and a spray of foliage food and theyre already a darker, healthier green after a couple hours! thanks anyways tho i gues i could of held back on posting but i guess its always healthy to discuss this stuff for others who are frantically googling!

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  8. There's nothing wrong with asking. See I figured mine was a mixture of cal and mag defs, everytime I post pics people go cry that it's spider mites, but there's 0 signs of bugs on my plants. Even when you show and tell people you've thoroughly inspected, they still don't seem to believe you :p

    Good luck with your grow!
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  9. My guess would be too much nitro? Do u think that is possible? Ph also?

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  10. Nitro would really just curl down the leaf tips I believe.
  11. theyd also be super dark green

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  12. Yes I had a similar issue on a strain I grew and they told me it was mites on here but it was not (I inspected them with a magnifying glass). I didn't know what to do either do I looked around and found if you don't know what to do try flushing. I did that and after a flush the new leaves looked fine it recovered well. I also backed off on the nitrogen because I thought perhaps she got a little over-fed with N. I was a little heavy handed with the nitrogen this grow.
    Anyway she recovered fine and is packing on the bud right now so Best of luck but don't worry too much :)
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  13. i was reading my bottles and the mix i make does have calcium in it and my soil ph is like 6.8 so it should be able to take it in.... do u think i should add cal mag to my next feed or should i just ease back into my old feeding pattern? remember i didnt have this issue till my flush, and im worried my feed will have enough and adding Cal-Mag will be too much? dont want toxicity

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  14. They are a little dark but he said that he flushed them so that should be ok now. As for the rust looking spots. Most likely cal mag def and a little on the ph issue.

    Had the same look on one grow and everyone said mites or rust mold.

    Cal mag fixed it for me.

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  15. do you think CalMag with my regular nutes is too much calcium/magnesium? risk of toxicity?

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  16. Best thing to do would be to try at about 1/4 strength, and raise it from there until the issue is corrected. Depends really on how large of a medium you have, and how old the plant itself actually is.
  17. 9weeks in a 5gallon bucket

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  18. k i basicaly have to wait till tmrw to do anything grow shops closed today.... just out of curiosity how long would it take for a Cal/Mag def. untreated to kill off your baby?

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  19. I don't really think it would kill it, I've had one strain with an extreme calmag def throughout the entire flowering period and it's not dead. I'm fairly certain my yield has been hurt from it, but the plant is far from dead.
  20. yeah.... the more i grow the more im realising most issues aside from like fungal diseases are either not gonna kill it and can be easily fixed. theyre pretty resilient.

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