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What kind of music do you listen to while smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NY Stoned, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. I usually play Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, And Wiz Khalifa

  2. I like a variety but I really feel hip hop enhances my high. I've been on a southern binge here recently. Young Dro and T.I.'s Hustle Gang specifically. 
    Also listening to A$AP's new album, which has been killer so far. 
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    Led zeppelin rage against the machineListen to mother ship by led zeppelin it is crazy
  4. Mac miller all day
  5. Man y'all gonna be hating on it but Man. I swear. It's orgasmic!

    Give me some Greatful Dead!
  6. Mac Miller - Watching Movies With the Sound Off ...then I gotta post about it in
  7. Any Van Halen (Roth-era) or Randy Rhoads guitar playing. As a player myself that stuff is magical after a couple of bowls
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    mac miller, kid cudi, kendrick lamar, the weeknd, asap rocky, pink floyd, ace hood, michael jackson, mod son,skrillex
  9. [SUB]black Sabbath, pink Floyd, megadeth, tool, Jimi  Hendrix, led zeppelin [/SUB]
  10. harcore gansta rap all the under ground shit.
  11. Frank Zappa
    Led zeppelin
    Greatul Dead
    Electric Wizard
    The Sword
    Black Sabbath
  12. Depends on how I am feeling. But usually Kid Cudi, Black Hippy, Curren$y, Wiz, OverDoz, Mac Miller, Joey Badass, etc.
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    Lots of really awful mainstream rappers in this thread.  
    A Tribe Called Quest Radio on Pandora, or Tool, Pink Floyd, Big L radio.
  14. ngl justin bieber is a whole lot better when your stoned 
  15. You haven't lived until you have listened to The Dark Side Of The Moon while high.
  16. i have like the weirdest stoner music taste when im stoned. I can listen to anyone from mac miller to pink floid when im stoned ( or sober ). It depends on the situation
  17. Anything that I feel like a fucking boss playing haha.
  18. Anything that I can, but generally, Pagan Altar, Wicked Lady and Slowdive are almost always on my playlist.
  19. Alice in chains. I have a live bootleg of them from 1993. I close my eyes and become layne Staley for a couple minutes.

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