What kind of mushrooms are these??

Discussion in 'General' started by bodom, May 5, 2006.

  1. I've never tried shrooms, they are to hard to find around here. But I want to try shrooms alot and I want to start hunting and growing them. I'm still learning.

    But I was curious to what kind of mushroom these are in my back yard. Can anyone identify it, it's pretty common.
    Are these poisonous?

    Yeah, I'm an idiot, I'm going to get a book on hunting mushrooms soon.:)

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  2. dude theres so many shrooms out there, its pretty hard to tell unless it happens to look unique, find a shroom guide and look it up, but im positive those are no good.
  3. yea man there are soo many types of shrooms its retty hard to tell if they are magical or poisonous but happy shroom hunting:)
  4. Those are common lawn shrooms. Don't eat them.
  5. it's not hard. the best way to tell is to lightly squeeze or poke it. "magic" mushrooms bruise a blue-ish color.
  6. its really so hard to tell, as even proffesionals have a hard time correctly identifing them...

    but through my shroom adventures, those are the incorrect looking ones.

    try cow fields, Their kinda scary at night time, i mean all the trees, and with trees bring shelter, shelter provides the cows to shit, cows shit = shrooms, but you know what shit brings to the playing field? mass amounts of spiders, (i'm talking big motherfuckers and LARGE AMOUNTS OF THEM) AND WATCHING FOR INTRICATE SPIDER WEBS THAT HOUSE HUNDRED OF SPIDERS! OMG I'M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!! (hehe not really) but really tho

    maybe thats only my field....oh well
  7. So, my best bet would be to go in a cow/horse field and wait for shrooms to grow on the shit?

    Am I allowed to cut the shroom stem off the shit, or would I have to twist or pull it off?
  8. those have no psilocybin i'll tell you that much

    are psilocybin mushrooms even indigenous(sp?) to ohio they arenbt in illinois
  9. I'm sure that they grow in some places, like forrests and large animal shit.

    But, not to common because they are really hard to get over here. Which is why I'm going to grow some of my own.
  10. the only mushrooms that you are going to want to trip out are going to be growing ON the cow shit. Never try to trip with mushrooms that grow on wood or grass or anything. The only time your shrooms should grow on anything but cow shit is when your growing them yourself and you got the spores for them off the internet.

  11. Those don't look magic...
    check out www.shroomery.org

    (copied and pasted strait from shroomery.org)
    Are all mushrooms that bruise blue safe to eat?
    No. As with many such myths, there is an element of truth in it. Many active mushrooms bruise blue. But not all of them do. Many boletes also bruise blue. Many blue bruising boletes are poisonous, causing gastrointestinal distress. There have also been poisonings due to people mistaking a darkening of a bruised mushroom with blueing. One young man in the San Francisco area was poisoned twice by Galerina species in this way (fortunately, he survived).

    Acctually you can get magic shrooms pretty much anywhere. It's just that mushrooms grow more easily on cow shit because it's fertilized, moist, etc. etc. Look at Mushroom Hunting section at shroomery.org.
  12. okay. there you correct me, but then go and spread misinformation afterwards. it doesn't have to be IN cow shit, often times it's in the dirt that the shit had decayed on. and why cow shit? because cows have no stomach acids, and they have 4 stomachs... they swallow tons of shroom spores when they eat, and the spores germinate (innoculate.. whatever) inside of their stomach and the cow shits out the grass along with the spores and the shit contains nitrogen and lots of nutrients.... anyways, I believe it was an article on shroomery.org that the blue bruising info actually comes from. they say that there are other species that bruise, blue, yes, but they are just very small exceptions. MOST that bruise blue are the ones you want, and all of these psychadelic shrooms should bruise blue. i'd definitely use that for the first test in narrowing them down, then you can look up pictures and such to compare.
  13. oh my bad,
    I was just pointing out that just because it bruises blue doesn't promise that it's a magic shroom, and that you can get shrooms from other places besides cow shit, even though my explanation was crappy

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