What kind of meters do you guys use/recommend?

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  1. I'm looking for PH/TDS/Temp meter. Unless there's a reason not to, I'd prefer a single unit which can monitor continuously. Hopefully, I can learn from you're guys' mistakes. My budget is about $200-300.

    Which do you guys use, do you like it, and why?

  2. yea milwaukee rocks mine went haywire and I sent it in came back in the same week I sent it with a free probe and some free cal solution. no ? asked, no receipt. worth it
  3. Thanks for the input, guys! I was really looking at the Hanna TriMEter, actually. It's good to know that Milwaukee has such great customer service.

    I ended up going with the Bluelab Guardian, because it has some warning features, and the total price with shipping was just slightly more than the Hanna. Though, I'll admit, if I saw that link for the Hanna, yesterday, I'd probably have bought that. Great price!

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    I have went through a bunch of meters and found this Hanna to be the shit.
    Holds calibration great, waterproof and if calibration is needed simply turn a dial.
    Those little screwdrivers are a bitch on those pens. I can just plop in my res and with 4 button pushes I get PPM, Temp, PH. You won't be disappointed here. I actually enjoy using the thing as it is so simple.
    Being old Skool the only thing I don't like is the temp is in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit and they only make them in Celsius.
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    Hahahaha.....dropped my milwaukee ph pen in some water....that is like my third ph pen....so I got the same pen you linked to off amazon...same price, yahoo for water proof

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