What kind of lighter is this?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by alwayzontime420, May 16, 2010.

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    Whta's up GCity, Does anyone know what kind of lighter this is or brand.Im lookin into by one.Looks wind proof and can come in handy when im outdoors. Thanks
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    soldering iron
  3. I wouldn't get a zippo, they look cool and are fun to play with but a pain to keep filling. Bics are your best bet.

    Also put a pic up, it's a guess that you are describing a zippo since you are very vague.
  4. Thats a hakko soldering iron so you would have to use it inside, not sure on which number it is but fairly easy to find out. Gives very clean hits.
  5. can we just go ahead and sticky one of these threads? kthx
  6. yeah that's a hakko.. i gotta find one of those thing.
  7. just a soldering iron. you can get them anywere..
  8. go to big lots and buy a barbacue torch the one my mom has is wind proof and it works great
  9. or you could spend 5 bucks on a torch lighter at your local Stop and Rob. They aren't very windproof, but better than a Bic for sure... I recently bought a Haako, and they do work VERY well, BTW. No more headaches.:)
  10. Hahahahaha my friend tried to pocket a laser pointer from stop & shop. Got caught obviously lol
  11. Make sure that if you get a used one that it is clean! You dont want to smoke metal

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