what kind of light?

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  1. hey first of all i want to say thanx for all the replies and help but if a black light wont work what will? this is my first time growin and im not sure. I just need to know of ANYTHING or ANY kind of light that will work, just so my weed will grow. im usin my blacklight and it seems to give off enough heat and i put white ass peices of paper around the pot so the light is reflectin and its pretty bright. i could sure use some help guys aight l8
  2. think of 50w per square foot of grow area.

    bulbs to use...

    Metal halide(overall good for both cycles)

    High Pressure Sodium(Great for flowering cycle,can also be used for both cycles if only available)

    Flourescent tubes or Compact Flourescent(not for flowering)

    Use no other lights than is stated above...period..

  3. Black lights are fluorescent, so you could also just get a white tube to replace the black one.
    If ya got the dough, get an HPS.

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