what kind of light would i need for 6 plants indor?

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  1. im working on my first grow with a friend and we are willing to throw more money in for better lights if that helps the plant...

    what are the advantages of better lights and if were growing about 6 plants what would you say we would need to buy?
  2. about 120w of Fluorescents and 400w HPS
  3. could these be purchased at a local hardware store? how much each and how many.. i think were gona have 12 plants actually
  4. nope, you can't get them at a hardware store. just throw down 200 bucks and order them from HGT supply. you could do the flourecents, but it would be like 5, 23 watt bulbs, it sucks having that many bulbs. just akward and dangerous having them hanigng all around. this is what you need.

    High Tech Garden Supply

    High Tech Garden Supply
  5. wait sorry. i didn't read that last section. 12 plants? your going to need to double the recommendation i just made then. could get expensive if you wanna do it right.
  6. I grew 6 plants indoor and used 1 600w HPS. The whole set up ( Reflector, Ballast, Bulb, socket) ran me about $250

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