What kind of light should i get?

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  1. Im getting rdy to buy another light and want to know what you guys would do.

    Right now i have 6 plants in veg under 6 flouro tubes( 270 watts, 6500k) and 4 plants in flower under a 400w hps.

    1. Buy a 600w hps for flower zone and move the 400w to veg zone.

    2. Buy a MH for veg zone and leave the 400 hps in flower zone.

    3. Buy better/more t5 bulbs for more watts/lumens in the veg zone keep 400hps in the flower zone.

    4. Give me a better idea.

    I LST and supercrop so my canopy is quite thick. There will always be 4-6 plants in both areas. Temps arent that big of a deal, i easily control temps in grow room so more/hotter lights wont cause to much issue. So what do you guys think.
  2. I would get 600W for flower and move the 400W If you can buy a MH bulb and your ballast works with it get a MH bulb for veg.
  3. My ballast wont work for MH or thats what I'd do.
  4. Buy a 600w HPS.

    If you can afford it, also get a t5.

    Veg for a while under t5's and CFLs.

    Put the 400w MH AND 600w HPS into the flower room.

    Veg for a week or two under them and then flower. Dual spectrum will increase your yields.
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    I dont have a MH. And i have veg and flower going at the same time in 2 seperate areas so moving lights around is not an option. I have multiple strains growing so flowering times are all over the map. Not everything goes into the veg or flower zone at the same time.

  6. Then get a larger HPS for flowering. Seems like a no brainer.
  7. So a bigger hps in flowering and moving the smaller hps to veg...would be better than...keeping 400hps in flower and putting a 4-600 MH in veg?

  8. Thats a difficult decision in that sense.

    Id go with the 400w MH for vegging if thats the case. You can veg less time that way.
  9. I think this is what im gonna do.

    Thanks for the help.
  10. Htg has a 400w HPS switchable ballast setup that you can get with both bulbs for under $160 shipped. Just select the MH conversion as your main bulb and buy there brand HPS bulb for $20. That's $140 plus shipping. Low heat, best of both worlds. And it's a Magnetic Ballast :D!
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    As you stated your canopy is really thick so I would go with the 600w HPS for your flower room. It will give you better penetration which will yield more come harvest time. Even better step it up to the 1000w. You can get up to 2lbs. per 1000w light (obviously if you have enough plants). More lumens, more weight.

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