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What kind of jobs do you guys have?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kenji12349, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. So I've been wondering what kind of jobs you grass city posters have. I work in a dine in restaurant as a line cook how about you guys?
  2. Full time college student.. I have no job.
  3. Some yogert store...=\ I want to be a documentary film director/writer tho
  4. Full time college student and I work about 25 hours a week at Dunkin' Donuts. It's just something to put some money in my pocket for now. Plus they didn't drug test me, that's why I applied there.
  5. I'm sorry lol, you work at the store but cannot spell yogurt correctly? :p
  6. [quote name='"dembonez"']Some yogert store...=\ I want to be a documentary film director/writer tho[/quote]

    Do yoy guys sell greek yogurt? That shits delicious
  7. I work at a Subway. it feeds the pocket and also feeds my munchies more often than not, so i'm happy with it for now.
  8. #8 CDub 2 Trill, Mar 10, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
    I worked there for a year
    I quit subway about 3 months ago now I am an apprentice learning about fire alarm systems.
    Get 2x as many hours 5 days a week, and get payed a good amount more.
    Synthetic Piss for the win!
    ps: i had to learn the hard way that you don't quit your job till you have another one lined up.
  9. We rarely get test pissed in Canada like really but there are background checks in large companies but never piss tests. Piss tests are only for body checks at the doctors
  10. Managing the orders for my father's grocery delivery service business. Very good pay. :)
  11. [quote name='"GreenCrackYUM"']

    I'm sorry lol, you work at the store but cannot spell yogurt correctly? :p[/quote]

    It was auto correct but still funny =p
  12. former scientist, now manager at a large drug company.

  13. that's pretty cool, man. I've been applying other places and once i get a better job i'm definitely leaving haha..for now though, it's nice being able to go into work high as fuck and having a store full of food at my disposal haha. i eat tons of sandwiches and demolish those cookies on a regular basis haha..double chocolate chip fresh out the oven for the win!:smoke:
  14. [quote name='"TheRealMcgee"']

    Do yoy guys sell greek yogurt? That shits delicious[/quote]

    Naw just frozen yogurt =p
  15. dishwasher at a local pizza place, crappy pay and hours :( but its money
  16. I work at a local gardening store as a stocker. Pretty much everything you need to start a grow is there. Everyone there smokes, so like we go in high / smoke at work all the time. It's really quite nice.
  17. I liked it while I was there but at the end I was like I fucking hate being a sandwich bitch and dealing with dumbass customers, and the pill popping alcoholics that I worked with.
    Now I work with 1 or 2 guys its better for me.
    Also since I quit there I started eating more healthy, living more healthy, I feel so great about myself now.
    I wake up full of energy and ready to wreck :smoke:
  18. N/A Currently.
  19. After failing a stupid retail job piss test, I vowed to only work for myself.

    Small businesses are only legal hustles in the end.
  20. I'm a line cook at an Italian restaurant

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