What kind of heat do 200w CFLs put out?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by isthis2012, May 10, 2011.

  1. This may be a dumb question but I'm just exploring different lighting options right now. I've seen bulbs as high as 250w online, they seem attractive to my needs but I dont know how hot they get.

    I'm kind of considering doing a full grow in a rubbermaid. Dont know which size CFL to go for or how much venting is required, fans, carbons etc.

    Anyone experienced with large CFL bulbs, what size rooms do you use them on and what kind of results do you get?

    Container I'm thinking of roughly 20" wide x 16" deep x 18" high off the top of my head.

    edit- would be growing LST and possibly topping alot, I want to experiment on my first grow and keep the plants in veg for a while, I'm not in a huge rush to flower. I was thinking of just getting a 250w 6500k for vegging then a 3000k for flowering.
  2. from my experience cfl's put off more heat in higher wattages..i never used a 200 watt but i have used the 65 watt jumbo huge cfl's from home depot and those puppies almost as hot as my 150watt hps.

    i would go for a T5 setup if you are new to growing....this way you don't have to worry about all those cords and buying so many damn lights...also you will get even light coverage without having to move your cfls around every day.

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