what kind of hash to make

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  1. i have a couple ounces pink panther what kinda hash should i make
  2. bubble hash mang
  3. i was looking at bubble hash but i dont wanna buy the bags do you know if ice water extraction is any good ive heard quality is a little lower but still good
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    ive made qwiso hash so many times but if i cant find a glass or stainless steel pipe for bho then ill proboly stick with qwiso wanna upgrade the quality but still on a budget and ive seen blender hash that stuff looked extremley good its like bubble bags but no bags and it looks sorta like a pain in the ass but idk
  5. Go to any cooking/baking supplies store and pick up a stainless steel turkey baster that works perfect for BHO.
  6. ill look for the turkey baster

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