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What Kind Of Ground Work Goes Into ..

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by FADIOUS, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. was wondering what kind of groundwork goes into setting up a hydro/S.O.G operation that that would generate a 2 lb yeild every month ...
    there's gonna have to be how many mothers to clone from?
    and how many clones does there need to be at all times?

    im just kickin' the thought around ... thats alot of work for a workin' man but the wife n i have been goin through 3/4 lb a month n everyone is dried up around here -ya know swag is goin for $40 a 1/4 oz here suddenly!! and primo is around 150!!

    thanks for any input on this fantasy o'mine:smoking:
  2. i had this worked out already in an excel sheet but computer crashed... believe it was 50 plants vegged from clone for only 2 weeks and then put to flower and you need seperate veg room, first set of coz will be 8 weeks but you start with clones on the 1st week of flowering let root for a week and then 2 weeks veg and into flower again and continue like that

    the room will have to handle 100 plants in 6 inch pots. or 4x1000 watt bulbs.
  3. wow good info dierwolf.....could you share your wisdom one more time?? about how much would 6 clones growing in bubble bucket with a 400w hps/mh light yield, and in about how long would it take??
  4. probably around 1oz each plant.
  5. really?? dame that would suck if i only get 1oz/plant:eek:
  6. i think hes going with low estimates because you shouldnt predict you will get the max yield because most likely you wont if your tending so many plants best to estimate low so you wont be disappointed. but hey if you harvest over your estimate its a great feeling

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