what kind of cologne do you use/like on a guy?

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  1. I'm randomly deciding to pick up a cologne. The idea of being associated with a scent is awesome and is kind of like having your own personal theme song everywhere you go.

    Also is there any body spray out there that doesn't smell like shit?
  2. i wear diesel fuel for life.
    it's awesome.
  3. I wear Pecksniffs.

  4. Nature thought of this like forever ago. So in a sense, cologne is false advertising.
  5. Sex Panther is the best cologne..IT works 60% of the time, all the time.

    For real though, Armani GIO is hands down the best cologne, bitches will be all over you
  6. ^ ya i wear aqua di gio by armani and girls like it well enough. i got more compliments on a cologne i used to wear that was like half the price but i cant remember what it was atm
  7. Here's a girls perspective.

    Firstly, it totally depends on the guy / your chemical makeup. I've smelled Diesel Fuel For Life on a guy and wanted to rip his pants off, and smelled it on another and felt sick to my stomach. Different smells smell different on different people, to put it plainly.

    Personally, I like lighter, fresher scents on guys for summer. I LOVE aqua di gio, True Religion, Fuel for Life, Burberry Sport on guys. Some of the heavier scents (Burberry, especially, or very musky smells) might be too heavy for the summer, when we tend to sweat a lot and our perfume/cologne smells are amplified.)

    My best advice is to (as horrifying as this sounds) go to a department store, and spray some cologne on you. Smell it once you spray it...walk around for an hour or two...smell yourself again...repeat. Cologne and perfume changes over time (hence, "topnotes" are what you smell immediately when you sniff a bottle...not what is there an hour or two after applied.)

    Hope this helps!! Good luck looking and smelling :)
  8. brut by fabrege' high karate, stetson, ,,,,but really light blue by dolce gabanna worked for me more than once,,,,and one i havent seen in along time is fairenheight.
  9. Kush is my cologne.
  10. Cool water shit is old school!
  11. I have Georgio Armani Aqua Di Gio, the shit smells amazing! 60 bucks a bottle tho so only for special occasions haha
  12. polo blue
  13. Hugo Boss: Soul. It smells so damn good without being overpowering..

  14. I dont really usecologne very often, but when I do I use Stetson Black. I might mix it up a bit and try to wear cologne a bit more since I like the idea of being associated with a ccertain smell.
  15. My ex used to use Curve for men and I'd cream myself with just one wiff.
  16. i don't like cologne but I have a couple bottles of Fahrenheit chrtian dior or whatever it is I got it as gifts.

    I read reviews on it and most poeple think it smells like an 80s cologne and something like an old guy would wear lol.

    I used to have a bottle of tommy hillifiger sport I liked the smell of that.
  17. Aqua di gio, hugo blue and ck one are all classic, fresh scents especially for summer. Remember everyone the life of a bottle of cologne is one year. Use it within that year for best results. After that it starts degrading. I steal my cologne tho so i dont care :smoking:
  18. I'm very conservative when it comes to applying Cologne, but I usually use Stetson Black. Pretty reasonable, smells great, and a one ounce bottle lasts me about a year.


  19. Ironically;

  20. Juicy Couture Dirty English. smells good as fuck.

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