What kind of carbon to replace can air filter

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  1. My efficiency and smell of my current air filter is loosing its kick to combat orders and I would like to know what I should be using that is the best to replace just the carbon. It currently is using a prefilter and filled with 3-4mm granular carbon made by growbright. Thank You
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    Hi oscar, you refill the carbon filter with the same active carbon that is used in an aquarium filter. Small granules restrict more air flow than the sticks (when shaken to compact them in the filter). So i think, it would be better to use the 2mm to 4mm sticks. By right the active carbon should be changed every 3 months no matter what an advertisement says. Some people use the carbon filters for around 5 or 6 month and then sell them through Ebay, which is a good idea, because the cost of the active carbon to buy seperately is just as costly as the actual carbon filter. You can also buy the active carbon on Ebay. Look up active carbon or activated carbon.
    Hope that helps.

    If you remove the existing carbon, and mix it up, then put it back in the filter, it may control the odor for an other month or so, just a thought.

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