What kind of bug????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bubblegum_man20, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. what kind of bug is this ,,,does it eat the plant ,,,,or is it safe for it ,,,,looks like a green lady bug,,, any input please ,thanks

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  2. where u from m8, uk or usa? we get them dark colourd "ladybirds" here and they r just that, they r predators and eat the other bugs that eat the plants, then again ther is a bug that looks a lot like them and its a beetle thing and that aint a good thing.

    best thing u can do is take the bug in the pic down to ur local garden shop and ask or get a book from the libuary. there r so many kinds of bugs ur gonna get on ur plants and a lot of tell tale signs that if ur growing outside u shud find out more and from a gud source 4 ur area.
  3. usa,,,,,,,,doesn't look like a beetle looks like a green and black lady bug this is the second one that i found and killed just incase i had a problem with something eating my plants when they where in the basement but now they are in the closet and doesn't look like there getting ate up so i dont know ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????????
  4. Thoes bugs like to try and eat up your newest growth even the shit that hasn't even developed yet. Kill em' all!!!!
  5. found on a clone 3 weeks into budding doesn't look like it did much ,,,, i spend alot of time everyday looking them over and taking care of them ,,,, how did it get i my bedroom,,,, could it have been in the soil i bought from the store ,,,,all my plants are looking good nice and green ,,the one budding are look good but 3 weeks into flowering how big should they be ??????
  6. They must be Ladybugs. Use Ladybug beetles.
  7. You do realize you are talking to a 5 year old echo? J/K.

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