What kind of bug is this?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by garrison68, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. I saw this dead bug in the street yesterday, took a few pics with my cell phone cam. It's very large, you don't usually see something like where I live. Any ideas?
    Dead Bug July 24 2017 near Ave. Y or X.jpg
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  2. If someone was watching you taking a picture of a dead bug on the road they would think that you're nuts.
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  3. Could be a type of cicada, but we only get them every 10 years or so and make a very loud racket, but we haven't heard any this year.
  4. It was on the sidewalk in a residential area, and if anybody thinks I'm nuts they're entitled to their opinion as long as they mind their own business.
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  5. It is definitely a cicada... o_O not that rare lol

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  6. Ya'll treating this bug like it is a pokemon
  7. Idk what the big deal is lmao OP acting like he found a damn

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  8. An Entomology outlet...oh my!

    Love the sound of them...interesting way to fall asleep. Pretty trancey.
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  9. There are different broods (groups) of cicadas.. and each brood comes out every so many years. So while in your area you might have mostly one brood, there could be others that come out during different years. Where I am at, I hear cicadas every year.. and it's kind of cool knowing that the brood I am hearing this year won't be heard for many more years.
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  10. That is a lyric cicada, a member of the Annual cicadas, which have one generation per year.
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  11. Appears to be a megaphasma dentricus
  12. After googling it, i think the one i saw was a regular, no mega. I thought it was big untik i saw pictures of real giants, wow!


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