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What kind of bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ptaylor329, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. i just picked up an oz of this yesterday. its some real good headies but anybody know what strain? payed 400 an oz.....

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    It is impossible to tell what strain something is just by looking at it. The only real way to know the specific phenotype is by knowing the grower personally and knowing what they crossed/planted. But at first glance it definitely looks like some solid bud, maybe some kind of Haze. $400 though? ;\
  3. that sounds about right where im from.
  4. That's not too pricey where I'm from either, looks like some exotics though. Looks like a lot of the Kush I've bought, but like LCM said you can't identify a strain just by looking at it.
  5. That looks pretty dank bud, I would maybe pay 400, But with my hookup in MA i get it for about 300-375.
  6. east coast that bud would easily run up to 450-500. and at first look, it's definantly some haze, obviously dont know what kind in particular but it looks like some airy haze type bud.
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    Man yal gotta move loL I can pick up a lid of that or better on the EC for $200, or less if I'm lucky. If prices came to be $400 for an oz of that, even though it does seem like it would be pretty potent, I'd probably have to start my own large scale grow lol. Price levels elevated to that point just piss me off when I see what some people have to pay for their chron, especially when it only costs pennies per g to grow.
  8. i cant believe people still ask this question!... Pretty good lookin herbals tho. nice pickup
  9. In Southern Ontario I pay about 200 for an ounce of high meds.

  10. no... it wouldn't

    $400, imo, is way expensive. but it looks like some pretty nice bud. I get quarters of that kind of bud for around $90 and 8ths $55. an ounce of that would run me $300 at most.

  11. Same.

    good looking bud, not trying to bring you down, but thats pretty expensive.

  12. yeah same here man 400 is the norm on the east coast unless you have a prettty good connection, because most the dealers are ass holes that have no respect for the power of the herb. they just want to make money.

    ive seen dealers sell an ounce they got for 250, for 450 or sometimes even 500 if they say its "25 a gram bud".. that just pisses me off:mad:

    can't wait until i move to BC and get a fat zip of the finest for 180:yay::smoking:
  13. oh and that looks like a real ounce too, and a pretty dank one. haha that could sell for 500. nice pickup bro you didnt over pay consedering the elements of the deal
  14. looks like weed to me lol.
    400 a zip is the most ill pay for an ounce of dank. bud looks pretty good to

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