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What Kind of Bud is This?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by G0AT, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Hey, my friend is picking this up this weekend, and I'm curious what the strain is if anyone happens to know..

    Sorry if threads like these are annoying/ it's in the wrong section.

    Thanks, guys.


  2. Goat

    Deep Roots
  3. its the good kinda bud, isnt that all you really need to know?
  4. Hmm.what makes you think threads like this are annoying?
  5. what makes you think we can tell the difference in strain just by looking at a picture you best be buying from a grower or a dispensary if you want to know the name and even then its not 100% ill save you some time also we cant tell weight you have to buy a scale look on amazon there are tons it's not laced we cant tell if its good smoke it and find out and we don't know prices were you are they vary from place to place this is for all your future purchases as well as this one sorry to be a dick but the bud dose look good however the amount of saturation from the camera is a bit deceiving i would think if you wanna learn about strains lookup leafly still wont tell you what you got
  6. No one can tell you the strain from a picture, it is just not possible.
  7. 3 of these in 2 days...

    It looks like red dieselOGmasterafghankush... with a sparkle of widow.
  8. wow thats low it's more like 900 of these a day
  9. That shit looks appetizing :yummy:

  10. We can probably judge how good it is from the look of it...
    So we can tell him its not bad looking bud!
  11. Nobody can tell you that. It does look dank though.
  12. orange kush
  13. looks like a vaped bud. :bongin:

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