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What kind of bud does this look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by K1n1, May 4, 2011.

  1. Good or shit weed?

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  2. Looks pretty good. Looks like high mids or low dank. Better pictures would make it easier to tell.
  3. Straight up shwag
  4. Its not dank but its decent. Id smoke it. Enjoy :smoking:
  5. #6 CuZ, May 4, 2011
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    I pity you , fiend
  6. whoa . big ass stems . but looks like some mids . smoke it up :smoke:
  7. looks like mid to high mids :) looks can be deceiving though, i have some stuff that looks about like that right now, but it's top shelf hashplant, a buddy grew under an HPS :) excellent smoke, hit my town hard at 300 a zip
  8. ^That

    With something that looks like that you really can't tell from a picture.

    Looks like mids but without smoking/tasting it you can't tell.

    Buds don't have to look like some crazy ass frosty headies to be great. Though most likely that is just some mids.
  9. They look to be mids. Also, I'm tired of looking at any pickup threads and seeing people going "Schwag! Schwag! Schwag!" 90% of the time, it isn't. So please stop acting like you're smoking the kindbud 24/7, and thinking everything below your buds blow.
  10. Looked like some very low grade dank, but looks like there might be some seeds. Nothing less than some excellent middies though.

    I'd be happy with that anyway.
  11. id be pretty content with that....
  12. YUMMY! It looks so happy!
  13. It's higher end minds, I think. Got a slight frosted look, really stemmy though.

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