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What kind of bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Joey2Tits, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Okay, so first off; What kind of bong is this and is it good.
    And how the fuck do you clean this thing??

  2. It's a inline to tree perc piece. I'm sure to you it's very good, so why care what other think? To clean it, get rubbing alcohol and some rough sea salt, then shake.
  3. judging on the picture id be careful...
    tree percs are easy to break in "lower priced" tubes.
    the inline isn't reinforced so id be weary of that as well.

    91% isopropyl alcohol (in first aid section)

    pour in salt.
    pour in alcohol.

    id let it soak in your case...
  4. It's a black leaf inline, I have a similar one, although yours appears to be a smaller version.

    I clean mine out with 70% iso and crushed up rock salt or table salt, I've found your abrasive needs to be quite small to fit through the inline's slits and clean that bottom chamber, also don't shake too hard because it is cheap glass and I've noticed small spots/scratches on the inline from what I believe was caused by the rock salt.

    It's not a bad piece, it was my first "decent" bong. Being in Australia and going from a gatorade bottle to this was a big step up, I soon realised (from browsing here :p) that it's not that great compared to proper scientific glass.

    I'd suggest lowering the water in your tree perc, it seems to resin up quicker the more water you have in there. I actually leave my tree perc empty most of the time, I find it just creates a weird sort of drag and an air bubble in the bottom inline, to each their own though.

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