What kind of bong should i get?

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  1. I have a little over 100$ an I am looking to get a new bong.... I was looking at GC's bongs and there were a few that i liked... I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for me, and some tips for buying a new bong. Thanks ahead of time :)

    BTW, i was considering a molino mad scientist...
  2. I would say save more money and buy a roor it's definetly worth it. But if you want it noww you should get a nice molino glass piece.
  3. Patience is a virtue. Save up a little bit and buy something quality.
  4. Get one that you can smoke out of.
  5. I would wait a little and save money (400 give or take), buy a roor, phx or if theres a good headshop by you they have some nice bongs, get like 3 perculators and move on from there
  6. def. look for a headshop around you.
    i like roor and medicali bongs.
  7. my friend had a molino mad scientist, it was bangin. if you want you could always find a headshop in your area and get a nice nice piece for around 100. sometimes some skateshops have headshops in the back
  8. Thanks guys.. i think i'm heading to a head shop today and i'm gunna look at the selections.
  9. 3 percs?

    thing'd drag like a bitch...
  10. Thanks for all the help. I'm going to a headshop tomorrow and i'll put up some vids/pics of what i get.
  11. for $100 check out the Weed Star Mad Prof at EDIT removable 2 arm perc, diffused downstem 5mm thick glass 1 1/2ft tall and you can add an ash catcher for that much

    ...hope that helps I was thinking about getting one myself but then I splurged and bought a Lux Mini instead haha
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  13. like everyone else said save up more money then that. I would buy a a tripple perk and make sure it had ice catchers...my commendation is a nice biohazrd ( http://gorillaglass.com/images/g on g twist tube.jpg ) or LEAF brand bong. i dont recommend a bubbeling head, bust get the perking in a three chambers with ash catchers, and i say foot and 6 inch min.

    or if your smarter then i think you are, then skip the bong, turn a few zips over and buy a volcano instead. my volcano and me are tighter then me and any bong could ever be, because it cares about my health, and gets me 30% higher..and that's a proven fact. plus, its as if you are dragging the nugs across your tongue instead of burning them and breathing there smoke.
  14. US Tubes 9 mm Straight...
  15. Yea i love the volvano, my cousin owns it and i would love to have one. But i do not have the money to spend that much on right now.... thanks though.

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