What kind of AC unit is needed for a 10,000 watt Grow room

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  1. I guess the title says it all, if I build a grow house from the ground up with a veg room ( 4- 1000 watt lights ) and a flower room (10- 1000 watt lights ) how could I keep it cool? Like how many BTUs anyone have any experience here? Thanks guys

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  2. Living in Maine, well insulated.

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  3. Stats generally for like a home type. Obviously you would have to have a intake and exhaust system. If you weather is decent you could just duct the air in and out and stay in a decent range. Just all depends how you want to go about it.[​IMG]

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  4. running air cooled lights is the only way to.go for that kind of setup...OR leds which don't generate as much heat...aside from. that this chart is accurate do the math...I'd go with the bigger is better theory...only because of the number of lights in the 10 lamp room....I have a 15000 btu with 4 1000 watt air cooled (cool tube) hps lamps that only run at night for the budding cycle ...works great my room is 8 by 14 feet and 11 feet high sealed ....

    hope this helps good luck and good grows keep us posted

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