What keeps killing my graphics cards?

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    Hey blades, having a problem here. So back in August i got a computer and it had an evga gtx 670 ftw. The card started artifacting after one day, and freezing after that. Rma'd that, got another. Worked flawlessly for a while, but now this one is artifacting badly. Am i just unlucky or is there a cause to this? My old card would freeze the entire computer under load, but this one isn't that bad yet.

    I'm sure its the gfx card, it only artifacts on games and other graphically intense things, prime95 isn't a problem. I have reinstalled drivers, installed old ones, and installed the newest ones. I've also reseated the card and blew compressed air to make sure there is no dust.

    Power is well within spec, I've checked all the rails through bios and programs.

    Neither card was overclocked, however i did tune the evga settings to allow the card to take as much power as it needed. I ran many benchmarks when i did this, highest it would go is about 115% tdp and 70c.

    So do you think this is coincidence or am i doing something wrong?

    I'll post my rig specs here in a few minutes.

    On my phone atm, can't use my pc for obvious reasons so please excuse spelling errors.
  2. Z77 Asus Sabertooth motherboard 3770k oc'd @~4.3 for daily use with a Corsair H60
    EVGA Gtx 670 ftw
    4x 4gb G. Skill RipJaws X 1600 (slightly oc'd)
    Asus Xonar DX
    LG 2tb HDD
    5 fan front controller 5 Case fans
    Blue lighting
    XFX 850 watt PSU
  3. Two cards being faulty isn't an indication of anything other than two cards being faulty. Coincidences happen.

    Just get another card.
  4. Rmaing it now, the guy from EVGA said that if two cards fail in the exact same way then something may be up with my pc.
  5. Is your power supply big enough?
  6. RMA it and get a new PSU. I wouldn't even mess with the settings on the card. Just download MSI afterburner and make a custom fan speed profile.

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