What just happened to me?!

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  1. I'll try to make this as short as I can. (Skip a paragraph if you don't care about background)

    Me and my 3 friends got some weed for spring break, $30 for like 2 grams or something. Me and my friend smoked some one night, we all 4 smoked another night, and on the 3rd night, my friend brought some weed he had collectively stole from his mom over time.

    What happened-
    We all smoked a hit from this mystery weed, and I felt chill as fuck, then I hit the weed we bought for $30 and had all smoked alot before and started feeling sick.

    And that is when it happened to me and one other friend... I couldn't tell what was reality, I was hallucinating, I was rolling around uncontrollabley, my friend couldn't feel his body, everything was vibrating, I didn't know what way gravity went, and when I closed my eyes I was in a new world, i couldnt talk straight, i was rand only screamin, and everything was really scary... it was like every thought and memory was going by 100mph. It was the worse experience of my life, and I'm wondering if I just did something that does permanent damage like laced weed, ex, ect.

    Anyways, I know that's alot but please help.

    Also I should day, after all of that me and my friend were just normally high. And the crazy high lasted about 2.5 hours. And my normal high is usually pretty crazy, but not even close to that degree of intensity.
  2. mom knows that your friend is stealing
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  3. fucking kids
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  4. Okay OP, before we go any further I have to stop here and in the spirit of Easter say "Jesus Fucking Christ!" You 4 guys made 2g and a little extra last all spring break? Again, JFC! That weed's got to be a Chanukkah Miracle. For most people that would have been gone the first night, but it lasted all week for you guys. Damn miracle weed!!

    Okay, a couple of theories here.

    1. Maybe that's what happens with miracle weed. I've never had it, I don't know.

    2. This is more likely, and I'm going to say this is the deal: You got really high because mom gets really good weed.

    You guys made a little weed go a long way, so it tells me you guys still have little tolerance if any. You've probably been buying low to mid range pot, maybe 7-11% THC or so at best. Mom though, she's likely been smoking 20+ years and has a fairly high tolerance. She probably smokes good weed, somewhere between 20-25% THC. If you've got low tolerance and hit that like you would lowgrade, you're going to get fucked up fast. You're going to get a lot higher a lot quicker than you're used to, which will lead to rolling around on the ground, thinking everything was vibrating, running/screaming, etc.

    So what happened was you had your first taste of fire and you got blazed. Next time you try that, the experience isn't going to be so strong, and the next time you try the stuff you've been buying, it may not be as good.
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  5. You know it's close to summer when...
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  6. That's the difference between weed and great weed. The first time you have really good stuff, it will sneak up on you. I had been high before, but the first time I smoked ghost og kush (the first weed with a strain name I had ever had) it knocked me out flat. It has a fuse too. It holds back just long enough for you to take a second rip before it all hits you at once. Exactly what you described happened to me. I enjoyed it though because I wasn't stressed about it being laced I trusted the guy who provided it.

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  7. you're fucking am

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