what just happened to me?

Discussion in 'General' started by taZox, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey guys so I was just smoking a couple of bowls from my water pipe and a stupid idea crossed my mind. I started milking the water pipe up to its brim. I was inhaling for like 30 seconds straight. The entire thing was dense with almost yellow-looking smoke. And in the heat of the moment I just forced myself to quickly clear the entire smoke build up. The harsh smoke flew violently down my throat and I was suddenly overwhelmed with intense nausea. I became very close to puking. This has never happened to me before. I ran to the bathroom to be near a toilet in case I was gonna puke (but I didn't) now I'm posting this thread from my bathroom. I'm extremely high despite my tolerance being high as well. Like I'm a 12 out of 10 right now. Never been this high before

    What just happened to me? Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  2. bro, you almost yellowed-out. when you smoke a good hit that gets your gag reflex and makes you puke. luckily you bypassed it. dont sweat it man, happens to the best of us.
    how long you been smokin?
  3. Lol happened on my very first bong hit. My bro lit the entire bowl (and I was very new to smoking too).

    You could've just swallowed a lot of smoke, that always makes me feel sick to my stomach

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  4. But ay good shit that means you're a fuckin champ

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  5. dat yellow smoke is a lack of oxygen in the hit, will make it taste like ass and super harsh. just try and keep your bowls clog free, should help.
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    I've been smoking for two years. Yeah this happened with my first bong hit too however I smoke bongs 24/7 since then and never milked a hit like this one

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