What juice you chiefin on?

Discussion in 'E-Liquids & E-Juice, E-Cigarettes' started by Dryice, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Tonight I have sticks and stones from blue dot vapor. It's described as Thai mango sticky rice. Very interesting and unique. Max vg in my tobeco super tank.
  2. Right now, Vape 100's Straw Nanners from their RIPE Collection. 6mg. Vaping with my cheap Veneno with the Big Baby Light Edition tank.
  3. I'm vaping on some Buttermilk Pie in 3mg and rocking my Freemax Mesh Pro on top of a Voopoo Drag. Buttermilk Pie is great in small doses, but is a little bit too sweet to have as an all day vape.
  4. Hard hitters, girl scout cookies.

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