What juice you chiefin on?

Discussion in 'E-Cigarettes' started by Dryice, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Caribbean rum infused with about 10 grams of Harlequin Kief
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  2. Demon Vape FrostBerry :)
  3. Pleasante by Blue Dot Vapor. It's a pomegranate lemonade.
  4. do these vape juices smell like pot on the exhale or are they very discrete?
  5. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if it's possible to make cannabis infused ejuice?
  6. Raspberry Ripple seen it in some random shop for £1 so thought I'd give it a try, surprisingly it actually tastes good :confused_2:

  7. Frappberry
    I got it for free for helping my sister move some shit at her house lol
  8. I had no idea that GC had an E-Cig section. Has anyone tried the brand Yogi? The original Granola Bar flavor is absolutely spot on and amazing!
  9. This is what I am vaping on today. Bourbon, Caramel, Custard.

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  10. Some of that cotton candy
  11. What cotton candy?
  12. I only vape vanilla juice and custard. Just bought and mixed bastard sauce. It's a vanilla custard apparently it's meant to be the dogs Bollocks. Let you know how it is after a month's steeping.
  13. I changed to Pink Lemonade. It's really great! guys you should try it
  14. Chocolate Pudding 18 mg nicotine by Trippy Dripps.
  15. Chocolate waffle juice 6 mg by iBliss
  16. Double Apple tobacco of my own creation in a Smok Majestic mod with the Zeus single coil atty.
  17. I am currently using vaping.com mixed coconut, peach, and strawberry.
  18. A mix of Ripe Vapes VCT and some strawberry. Good stuff.
  19. Recently, I read a review on VapingDaily about Halo E-Liquids and decided to order it. Never tried them before. Besides, a friend of mine also advised me these liquids. Several days ago, I received it and now I'm really enjoying the flavor of Halo Golden Kiwi. Like it a lot)

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