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What J's Hold'n

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by J Holden, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Sour OG

    Grape Ape


    Same Unkown

    More to come ya'll...
  2. I want some grape ape
  3. Looks tasty, wouldn't mind hitting some :smoking:
  4. grape ape is the shieet! wen sum came down my way once i had 2 cop sum n im glad i did
  5. nice pick up brodie!.
  6. i wanna hit some uh dat sour .....
  7. Wow, you have the same "unknown stuff" as me. I tried to find the name of it through 3 different dealers and no one knew.
  8. Looks like J' Hold'n some might fine herb.
  9. Bottom pictures looks like green crack, just my opinion.
    Quite nice though.
  10. Some "real good"



    Two-strain jelly hash (mid-mix)
  11. There's a hair in that hash, bub

    edit: oh yeah, fire bud. I am jelly of that jelly hash despite the hair :)
  12. looks pretty good.

  13. Fuck that hair. Took me like ten whole minutes to find it again and get it out. I saw it on the review on the camera, but my eyes couoldn't see it at all in the light or something. I got it though.
  14. i want to lick the screen ! use a tripod photos are nice but just a bit fuzzy
  15. OG Kush

    Same shit


    Funny little grommet shot
  16. Trainwreck
  17. I like the smokey face pic, sweeet.

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