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What jobs drug test? Whats the best way to cheat the test?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nuclei, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Ok, im 14 and ive recently discovered how great life really is with weed.
    I was wondering what jobs drug test you? Will mcdonalds drug test you? wat sorts of jobs test you, and what type of test will they give you (urine, hair follicle, blood?)And whats the best way to cheat past a job-drug test (flush pills, detox drink, synthetic urine, additives, etc? )

    Also, my dad recently found a pipe of mine, and is concerned about me smoking. He is going to buy an at-home drug test kit. I don't plan on smoking every day, just a few days a week with friends. But i need to be able to pass a random test that my dad gives me... i dont think those drink things would work, cuz id have to drink it an hour ahead of time, and i dont even know if it works, it sounds very risky... what about if i use someone elses piss? I tihnk that would be the easiest, cuz i know that my dad wont watch me take a piss... anyways if yall can help me out please do, i havent smoked in over a week and im really craving...
    Also, what about when you get piss tested for a job, does thedoctor watch u take a piss?
  2. Job: Don't smoke weed while you are looking for the job. Get the job, then smoke.

    Your Dad: Fail the drug test and tell him to fuck off. Keep your grades up, keep the job, and don't get lazy and show him weed doesn't effect your life in a negative way. 
  3. Dude, OP is 25.
  4. ....He said he is 14? Am I missing something 
  5. ....He said he is 14? Am I missing something
    </blockquote>He clearly just hit 1 instead of 2 and 4 instead of 5

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  6. Well if your 25 and worried about your dad drug testing you, just give up 
  7. Saved for posterity.
  8. :huh: :wave: They'll give these things jobs?
  9. :wave:
    i guess I shouldnt of expected more. I mean, what 14 year old is gunna read the rules?
  10. oh also
    Definitely 0/10
  11. All of them. By having clean piss.
  12. You're 14 eh? You're not getting a job til atleast 16.
  13. And the award for stupidest poster of the year goes Mr 14 year old. Quit smoking
  14. YOU ARE ALL BLIND, THIS THREAD WAS MADE IN 2002 LOL, which Is why I said he is 25 xD
    Damn, i though there would have been someone smart enough to notice it.
    That asshole danny danko is bumping old threads.
  15. Just stop smoking for now op, you are not even old enough to be posting on these forums much less to be worried about drug tests. you have you're whole adult life to smoke pot. I really do recommend just getting through school and getting you're life set up before even worrying about all this shit man.
    you're dad is right to be worried, I mean its not like you are going to over dose and die but come on man 14 is young. he wants you to have success in life not just the ability to say you smoked weed while being 14.
  16. Op is 25.
    OP is 25.
    Read my posts.
  17. If all the weed smokers failed drug tests then the unemployment rate would soar and big corporations would not make thier money. Then, they would stop drug testing.
  18. Well since this is an old thread. then this is the closest I've been back in time.
  19. If it's such an old thread, why is it just being commented on now?
    Maybe it's a glitch or something, ya know.
    Anyway, here's the rundown OP:
    Your dad has your ass in a can. Can't get around that, unless you just stop smoking. Here's the best advice anyone will ever give you concerning this subject (not to sound vain, but it really is amazing wisdom):
    "Follow the little rules so you can get away with breaking the big ones." - Julia, 1984 (the book)
    Just think about it, if you come clean to your dad, tell him you smoked a little pot and let him test you a few times until your system is totally clean, he will have more respect and trust for you. This will then in turn get him off your back for a while, allowing you to smoke as you please (as long as you don't get caught.)
    As far as the job goes, it depends what field and what company. McDonald's is an enormous corporate chain, so for insurance purposes they will ABSOLUTELY drug test every new employee, any current employee that gets injured, and any employee that is trying to collect workman's comp. They're more looking for alcohol and hard drugs, but they'll bust you on pot, too. And this goes for Colorado and Washington where it's legal now; just because it's legal doesn't mean they have to hire you.
    Now, your best bet is a small, privately owned restaurant. That's what I do for a living, and I smoke every day before I go in, and sometimes even with my managers. That's right, I said managers, as in plural. Or try a grocery store. Really, anything in the food industry, as long as it isn't corporate.
    Stay away from large corporations, construction companies (requires operating heavy machinery and power tools, so they test for insurance reasons as well), any government owned operation (some parks departments are kind of relaxed on that stuff, but you need a drivers license), and anybody that deals with law enforcement (law offices, bail bonds, security firms, etc, etc.)
    And as far as "cheating a drug test," I've snuck piss in, but I got caught because of the temperature. I lucked, the guy administering the test was real chill and let me slide, but that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. There really is no sure fire way to beat the tests. People say bleach in your piss will do it, people have all sorts of schemes to sneak piss in, there are drinks and pills and creams and all sorts of stuff. Just be an adult, clean up and pass your test. I promise, there won't be a world weed shortage in the next 30 days, so you can afford to take a break. Besides, you don't have a job, how can you afford weed anyway?

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