what its like having aspergers

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. not sure where to put this

  2. dang man, i didn't know you were white. this changes everything
  3. how long have u been here?
  4. still a panther as my spirit guide
  5. i dont get it
  6. i think that's the point of the video. It's like a deep metaphor that only a select few genius level people can comprehend. He's trying to say that you are all fake niggas
  7. My little bro has aspergers it's hard to deal with at times
  8. interesting perspective on the piece sir
  9. yeah its interesting karma, and throw different personalities things can go either way.
    weaknesses become strengths  with time maybe
  10. Yes most def. he isn't the greatest with emotions and has problems with staying motivated but he super talented with things he is really into. And his iq is ridiculously high lol it is a terrible and wonderful ailment. Thankfully he has learned how to handle his up/downs and is currently living in his own apt which we thought would never happen.
  11. hmmm
    *takes notes*
    seems hes doing some sort of strange mating ritual to attract a potential mate.

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