What it's like for me.

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    I trip out to MIA's Glang<sp> while driving down residential streets in the Midwest, at the early morning pace. Flowing with traffic, letting muscle control take over and vision wander. To gaze at the beauty we pass by daily, the quriky houses and overdressed lawns. "They" wave at you, and when you stop, everything is alive. Moving in the wind. The chair on a front porch sways with no one on, rocking alone in the wind. The big evergreen trees wobble "hi" at you from their guts. I trip out to That's Not My Name and twist my home-made apple pipe around. It needs replaced. It starts singing the song and I make it dance, and then the herb inside is singing and sizzling still, pouring out smoke.

    It Sings:
    "They call me HELL.
    They call me Stacy,
    They call me Her,
    They call me JANE..."

    No matter what the tune, that shit very... trippy... coming from an apple/herb entity thing...

    and when I'm trying to be in control and drive:

    "They say be Qui-et
    but I'm a Ri-ot"

    I drive past people, and try my hardest to smile. Simple nods or waves from strangers, better yet smiles, are things that mean so much to me, I still talk about them later that day or even week. At least it does for me. That little bit of gladness can save a day for me. I feel that everyone is kinda sad sometimes, and I want people to be happy. Happy like I can be happy on this. I bless myself and make the sign of the cross over the apple. I pray with the incense up to heaven. Thank You, whatever You are. Put it away, and leave my car.

    I set myself up, as this always tends to do, when my arrival home coincided with one of the new downstairs('?) tenet. I felt anxiety about meeting him and having to see him at all. I thought I should slow down, I clearly saw Him drive up in his car, and I'm clearing walking across this open air alley. I have preconceived notions about him and He, for many other "under the influence" scenarios similar to this one, probably has preconceived notions about me. He gets out, is walking to the same point I am, and gets to the door underneath mine first. More quickly then me. He gets in quickly, shutting the door behind. I stop. I'm sad it happened that way. It may be cold and lightly snowing, but why can't two strangers look past something that isn't even there to be friendly. Then my hope in humanity is Shattered! Core values like loyalty and honesty destroyed! To be replaced by Conspiracy and Discretion! Winston, in his absolute rages against the machine in the greatest book I've yet to read -disputable I understand but let me rant- George Orwell's 1984, would've been proud. I get very hallucinogenic and passionate about things, a very marvelous and later rewarding gift which bestows: visions, clarity, and insight. I take the insight into sobriety and apply it to personal problems or struggles.

    So little things can get to me in this state.

    I carry those shattered pieces of perspective upstairs where my friendliest voice in the world lay on the other side of telecommunication waves. She is also very under the influence. We have a beautiful moment where we whisper secret words and phrases together in our ritualistic way. Hi Bubo(the pronunciation of Bubo changes occasionally)((there's more than one, try it)).

    She: "I LOST THE GAME." (1)
    Me: "haha, I'm eating a dead cat!"(2)
    Me: "oh, and I lost the game. Gay."
    She: "I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!(3) Oohhh Nooooeeee. I Knooowwwwweeee!(4)"
    Me: "I'm Old Greggg!(5)"(6+)


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - Clearly makes day better.

    I bond with my 1 1/2 year old beautiful cat. She's the type of cat that has the M on her foreheard and it's so clear on hers. She can be very regal, but I fight and play with her all the time, and she'll follow me or my darling around the house. She'll do it secretively, like she has no interest in following us, but she adores you. She lays on my lap and purrs while I write this. Her black and lightly laced white stripes all over her, and her pink tiny nose and greens eyes behind closed eyelids in all their majesty. A Live Breathing Organism, blood pumping and lungs breathing, loving you and trusting in your embrace. A truly beautiful kinship. Had her since she was small enough to hold in your hand. Smartest damn thing in the house, I swear.

    well... Ahem. This was my first herb post while "learning under the plant teachers" and my first post period. I'm not exactly satisfied, but I've been dying for an outlet like this and if I just don't go and delete it all because I think it suck balls, I might be able to post something. I think I have something (humbly) to offer a community of people with this similar interest. I'm a fairly new, born-again herb user from a hardcore "straight-edge evangelist" life. I decided to be happy instead and get more than I thought possible with each experience. I've done herb somewhere around 20-ish times and a shared bowl of herb set atop tinfoil wrapping with air holes inside a cut up piece of apple gets the job done for me. I look forward to a healthily growing relationship with you all.


    P.S. - The Apple is the knowledge of Good and Evil

    P.P.S. I hope this doesn't blow. I don't remember key parts... like everything I just wrote/ re-read. Be kind, and be high! :p
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  2. what. the. fuck.
  3. Uhhh, was this supposed to make sense...? :confused:
  4. What they said
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    Haha. First I thought this wasn't my thread, wanted it not to be so badly (because of the replys)... Unfortunately it is.

    Well... It's just a story of my experience with herb today... not quite sure how much more to explain it... and kinda the experience that came along...?oh and / and that's BIG /(slash) introduction-esque thingy? Ummm... judging by your reactions I did this poorly... I apologize? Yes, definitely apologize.

    Also, I think all this ^^^ is hilarious. Major fail. >me<
    You know you're in trouble when stoners are like, "wtf". Yup... I'm screwed.

  6. Don't be ashamed!

    I liked it, sounds like you had a wonderful time with the herb.
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    Oh God, thank you so much! I was really crushed for a bit... I appreciate it truly! :D

    Was the welcome I was kinda-sorta hoping for.
  8. You guys are trying too hard to make sense of it. It was just a dude who got stoned and wrote about it.

    I, for one, applaud this for not being another, "LOL MY MOM CAUGHT ME SMOKING, YES I AM DEFINITELY 18" thread.
  9. That was awesome, you put into words what Im feeling alot of the time. Sometimes ill just be high and trip out to my freinds cats for hours, living organisims are so fucking unbelievable! It's weird tho how i look at any living organism other than a human to be somehow different than a human, like we as humans are on a different level or something.... when really were all just the essence of life embodied in different ways.

    sorry for the rant, great fucking post man
  10. awesome post man. Ive thought about writting down every thought i have while stoned lol.
  11. yeah bro..i liked this story alot and can feel where your coning from because i am fuckin baked right now..........loved the story bro
  12. it took me like 20 minutes to read this.

    i totally get this.
  13. Well, I dig it.

    Welcome to GC! :wave:
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    Thank you all so much, sincerely from my heart! If I could give all of you a smile from my car, I would!

    syzzurp - I'm also glad this post didn't turn out like that.

    dontholdback - I feel we're kindred spirits. I've encountered those thoughts also. Earlier today I was explaining to my cat how her species was conquered by mankind and she was shackled with her collar "slave chains" and was forced to live inside and eat food and drink water I provide. She was apathetic towards it all... I was saddened... ( I was sober ) ((Sad right?))

    bowlpirate - A LOT harder than you think... ^_^

    mrTokezilla - Maybe that should've been a pre-requisite of reading... lol

    HellaDennis - I'm super stoked that you get where I'm coming out of (lol, odd way of saying it) and am Absolutely Honored my post was good enough to garner your very first post. Thank you!

    puppybutt - Thank you very much! I'm glad to be here!

    It took a lot of time to finally put a glimpse of my experiences out there for "the appreciative". I'm not exactly a recreational smoker, I try not to do it just for the feeling and the fun, but I try to take at least SOMETHING from my experience and apply it to my sober living.

    I hope I'm not the exception, because it seems a lot of people I'm around don't trip out like me. I'm not embarrassed by how I act or what I "see" and experience, because it's beautiful to me. I wish more people could see with the eyes I've acquired through smoking. :smoking:
    Point of interest, I didn't touch alcohol or herb until I was 21. Total virgin in that regard. Maybe that could be why? I am a teetotaler also.

    Anyhow, I hope this harmonized with those of you I was trying to reach, and I look forward reading your own experiences!


    Choreographing your driving while listening to music is a great experience! Caution to the paranoid.
  15. Dude you're talking to yourself and acting all sketch. Just talk like a normal person and all the normal people reading will understand.

    Don't be a sketchbag.
  16. i think ur trippin', b

    but you watch the mighty boosh so you get some points.... but man - learn some forum posting ettiquete.... and you might not scare so many of us away
  17. I'm honestly not trying to go out of my way to be weird or "sketch". This is just how I talk, and unless it breaks some sort of forum rules, I will continue my speech thusly.

    Also, I admit I'm pretty new to the whole "forum" concept, but instead of just saying "learn some forum posting ettiquete" if you could point out what I've messed up on and point me in the right direction? I know there's rules on forum posting and I believe I've adhered to them...? If I'm wrong in an offending way, please inform me!

    As always, rudeness and inappropriateness should never be overlooked just because "one was under the influence", but that's still something that should be taken into account... just a tad...

    Much love!

  18. not offensive.. just... weird I think.
    Read the stickies at the top of the boards you post on - read a few threads, get the feel for it - use the quote feature, it helps keep cohesiveness...

    just know your shit and you'll be alright :)
  19. Man type how you want to type, having diversity in writting styles keeps everything interesting, i would rather read more posts like yours and get a look into other peoples imaginations then the typical "will i pass a drug test" or "how do i smoke inside without parents finding out".

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