what it the difference in product saving for a conduction vs convection?

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  1. hello,
    I'm looking to buy a portable easy to use vaporizer (around 150$). i use around 0.5 grams per day and it's pricy, so product saving efficiancy is the number one priority. i decided to not buy the classic VG pipe or the mflb because it requires handling + there's a learning curve.
    1. what is the approximate difference between conduction and convection vaporizers, in terms of product saving (5%..10%..)? a convection vaporizer cost an extra 200$, but it might be better because with around 20% saving in product, my investment will return itself in only 3 months.
    2. I bought the boundless CF for 130$ but I'm thinking to return it. I assumed it will be a decent choice because its a hybrid solution (conduction + convection), and because I read reports that the minimum amount of product needed for a productive session is only 0.1-0.15 gram.
    3. How much vapes are produced in a single session? Is it likely to waist and burn the bud in a normal session?
    4. Is the dynavap vapcap a good solution? thank you

  2. Like most things it comes down to the specfic vape and how well you use it. There really isn't a set percentage to savings between all convection vapes versus all conduction vapes.
  3. it's well known that convection vaporizers are more efficiant in product saving. some have additional features like the ability to cool down in 3 sec like the firefly 2.
    and how come it's not possible to get a rough estimate?
  4. Where did you get your information for the "well known" statement I haven't seen those results from first hand experience with both types.
  5. i took it from the description part on the firefly 2 sale page: "3 seconds hit up & cool down time".
    but the basic question is if the convection vaporizers are potentially and significanly more efficiant in product saving.
  6. So your "well known" truth is from product advertisement?
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    i meant that it's well known that convection vaporizers are more efficiant.
    the convection method allows for a more even burn of the product. anything else that i mentioned here was taken from forums, reviews, guides etc'.
  8. i meant that it's well known that convection vaporizers are more efficiant....Sometimes for some vapes yes but for other times and other vapes no so much. I still content that " it comes down to the specfic vape and how well you use it". However free country to believe whatever you wish so I wish you luck.
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    sorry this info is well known and i'm just starting. thank you for helping out.
    apparently all my questions are answered to the letter in this article:
    Most Efficient Vaporizer: How to Find It & 5 Simple Tricks to Save Money

    the only question left is if 0.05 grams is enough to get a nice high. I'm a heavy bang smoker (0.5 grams a day) so I probably developed some tolerance and i'm not able to test it myself with another vaporizer. any suggestions?
    I read a lot of reports from users that 0.05 grams will give them a good high and that 0.1 grams is good enough for a few people session.
    the person who wrote this article also had this in mind (he's reffering to Mighty vaporizer):
    1. The minimum amount of herb that’s needed to produce satisfying hits is double that of the most efficient vaporizers: 0,1 grams. Which in practice is not that bad, because the MIGHTY hits so hard that this 0,1 grams WILL get you medicated PROPERLY. But I don’t always want heavy medication, and using 0,1 grams for a few quick and light hits is excessive.
    2. Any herb that you fill into the bowl, has to be finished in that same session…if you don’t want to waste any herb or have crappy tasting herb (because there’s definitely some conduction heating going on with the MIGHTY and your bowl stays warm for at least a couple of extra minutes after you turn it off which leads to waist if you keep anything inside).

    From the above article It seems that convection vaporizers can save up to 50% - but only if 0.05 grams are enough to give you a proper high. that is from the single reason that firefly 2 (convection vape) contains small amount of product, up to 0.1 gram per sessions, but it doesn't keep burning the product (like in a conduction vape) when you're not inhaling. (and of course, the burn proccess in convection vapes is more even and better utilizes the bud).
    the boundless CF (conduction) probably work well with 0.1-0.15 gram, but it will consume all of the product during the 5 min session and I'm not sure it's needed.
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    Half a gram a day doesn't make you a "heavy smoker." I know medical users who regularly use around a quarter a day. I myself use medically and use between I'd say 2-4 grams a day depending on the day. Are you a kid? Or do you live in Manhattan or something? This article also doesn't "prove" anything. It was made to look like an independent article, but it was clearly produced by a paid shill to advertise for the Firefly 2. Anyone who knows about vapes could've told you what vape he's a fanboy for from reading the first couple of paragraphs...

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  11. .5 is a single hitter for a heavy smoker... now vaping .5 is a whole lot if you do it in less than two hours IMO... vaping .5 a day isnt a very small amount but not a big one either... i'd say 2 grams is a lot though thats like smoking a quarter a day

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