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  1. Hello, community! This is Naii here, coming at you from the 412 normally, but on vacation in the Spanish nation! I've been stalking you for years now, never really had much to say. I made this rant/earnestly heartbroken ramble:


    And I wanted to say 'high'. If anybody is around Rincon de la Victoria, malaga these next couple weeks and wants to grab a mojito or two, mine and my girlfriend's schedule is pretty open!

    A little about me: I'm a guy, I am very into asking questions, and 'New Age' stuff is right down my alley, though it could be debated that Judeo-Christianity is more 'new age' than chakras, meditation, La Flora Da Vida, etc. BUT - I'll be keeping it light here.

    I'm a fan of Red Eye and Red Eye Glass, though two seperate companies (I think, at least one is Canadian and one is British), they are like Double Dragon, better together than apart.

    Bongs are cool, joints are cooler, pipes are hot (when I'm through). Not too much success with vape'ing, except a few times with The Volcano, that shit's ridiculous. Most expensive glass I've smoked out of? a 4,000 USD Medi-Cali bong. Shit had 128 percolators total, stemming from a massive one, and ending in a shower or waterfall or something. Cheapest? I smoked using just my hand once, doesn't get much cheaper than that!

    Well, I'mma go eat some delicious chocolate frosty flakes and maybe hit the beach. Maybe get a 3.5€ mojito. Stoner's paradise, though I'm dry as a bone, though I saved that for my rant.

    Thanks for having me here! Namasté!

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