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What it do, on your Friday?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sloppyjoe, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. What up What up! It's that time again Blades, FRIDAY the pick upi day!!! :hello: YAya it Friday MY high day. time to get right, tight and lifted tonight! All this time spent working my days away and all I look forward to is my time to play! Well it's here and the herbs are in session, the green is dense and ready for the lesson, so get you papers class cause its time to learn, grind it all up lace it then burn! Now you will know what I mean by High Day, and you too can appriciate FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Blaze one for the rest of the world today!1 Much love to all my Blades and remember this too shall pass..... Haha :D JOE>

    P.S. Todays pick up......... Juicy Fruit! Man i have not had any fruit for years I am stoked, plus I still have some skunk2 and White rhino curing now, boy my winter months are going to be right.
  2. I have been working the night shift, wont sleep till tonight. so later in the afternoon i will go buy an eight of really loud shit with my bud and probably roll 2-3 joints between 3 heads, then 3d moviiesss :hello:

    I love fridays :love:
  3. raining here. been on since about 8 and heavy throughout. idk... lucky # slevin on blu ray. been kind of sick all week which has sucked.

    pretty lame
  4. [quote name='sloppyjoe']Much love to all my Blades and remember this too shall pass..... Haha :D JOE>
  5. Soon as Im off work (6pm) im goin to happy hour with some buddies. Probably spark a bowl later tonight, but Im running low so I gotta conserve! I need to start groing soon...
  6. Chillin with some girls. Sippin some brew and rollin' a blunt or two (No rhyme intended).

  7. Im gonna go get some new wind shield wipers, some power steering fluid and AC coolant. Ohhh yeah gonna be a good Friday lol :cool:
  8. Takin a brownie --------> Going to Kid Cudi...

  9. lmfao . this guy. you smokin tonight ga? GA=Good Afternoon.
  10. Nope haha. Probably will smoke some time next week lol. What are you getting into today my friend?
  11. im probably not gonna get to smoke until monday lmao. im just gonna sit around and watch movies today. exciting friday night right? :hello:
  12. well my parents are going out to play poker with some work friends, so im chillin at him tonight eatin pizza and smokin a few bowls ill probably throw on netflix!
  13. I'm at work right now, until 5.
    Been sitting here cruising the interwebs drinking coffee and eating pretzal m&m's.
    Just put up the "Back in 5" sign on the door and ran to get smokes and said m&m's.

    Back to chillin. :cool: haha

  14. where you work at?
  15. Im sick right now so no smoking for me. Sore throat and all. It would hurt.

    I think im going to take all my stems and make oil. Then some form of edible....

    Should be an interesting friday
  16. i actually just rolled a plastic baggie up i got from my buddy, i rolled it so tight lol, my mouth is watering. gotta wait 30mins for him to drop by :cool:
  17. Haha yeah man I feel ya. I just did a butt load of stuff to my car today. Probably bout to watch a few movies my self haha. If you watch anything good, give me a shout. :cool:
  18. I'm going to like light up a bowl of chemdog #4
  19. It's Friday, you aint go no job, you aint got shit to do! So ima get you high friend

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