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what is....?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nicolerrico, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. ive been reading these boards for a while now, i was wondering a couple things that i had never heard of... maybe its just the way people talk bc im a huge stoner so what is a cone??? and i see people talking about smoking out of a spoon wtf?

    there might be a couple more idk.
  2. a cone is a type of joint.
    a spoon is a pipe.
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    A cone is generally a joint rolled with a good amount of bud, in the shape of a literal cone.


    A spoon is a simple small glass pipe - with the shape of a spoon. Mouth piece - stem to the bowl area, and a wider bowl portion. From the top, it could look like a spoon.

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    the person above me has all the answers you need, young grasshopper


    the person below me, is trying to test your faith with lies!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. cone is usually referring to those dollar ice cream cone's at mcdonalds

    spoon is referring to a regular spoon but it's usually in the context of "cooking up" your weed in the spoon for intramuscular injection of high concentrates of THC
  6. thank you.. haha they both make sense but maybe nobody around here calls em that
  7. ^^ I see what you did there xD

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