What is Yushoo?

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  1. (If this is in the wrong area please move.)
    Okay, Im new to the grasscity community but I really joined for one reason. Help.
    (Please stay with me, might get confusing.)
    Im 19 years old and I started smoking when I was 15, blah blah blah.
    The second time I got high I had something.... miraculous? I guess... happen to me. I saw a... being? Symbol? Shape? (Yes, I actually saw this thing under the influence of marijuana and marijuana only). But anyway I had my eyes open, then I see this... mushroom like thing hop over to me. It didnt say anything but I heard kids yell this things name..."Yushoo"... It sat there and I would fade in and out of my basement so to speak. So I closed my eyes and it was more vivid. But here is the tricky part. Yushoo changes shape, but some how I still know its Yushoo. How? Cause no matter what It looks like, it always has this square shape that looks like a window on it. ALWAYS. Why? I dunno.
    My friends are like... "Woah, dude... Wtf are you smoking? I never see shit!"
    Or... "Dude stop buying from who ever your buying from, it could be laced"
    So I took their advice and I got another source to supply me, but sure enough I see Yushoo. The thing about Yushoo is when I try my hardest to focus on doing normal things (watch TV, drive, ect) I dont see him. But when I lose focus he comes back. Im not like going crazy for answer I just think this is so fuckn weird. I drew a few amateur pictures of yushoo to show you what Im dealing with. :confused_2:
    Does anyone else vision shit when there like stoned? Or am I just a freak that needs physiological help? -___-

    First time I saw Yushoo.

    The other month Yushoo seemed to prefer this form.

    The other night. Looks like a house party.
  2. damn...lol^^...just stop smokin dude
  3. LOLOLOLOLOL Thats not an option! :smoking:
  4. I've been wondering this for years

  5. Enlighten me one what your saying. >.<
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZkZWlAIG0w]Floating Head - YouTube[/ame]

    No but seriously,I have no idea :confused:

    In my option, perhaps you got really baked your 2nd time and hallucinated 'yushoo' & the chants of his name. My first two times smoking I hallucinated very very badly.

    Then perhaps later on, you smoked again. you could be fine, but once you have the instant thought of yushoo, he appears. Just the thought, or his name can trigger a reappearance in your mind. Maybe that window shape was the main emphasis the first time you originally saw him, and that is why you always see the window, even though yushoo takes many shapes.

    Perhaps he will go away, but the more you get high and think about yushoo, maybe in a paranoid state he will continue to show up.

    Again this is just a theory, but I know I've had similar experiences. Not with a visual image. But different perceptions & feelings, once I got high just off marijuana, if I thought about that feeling I would be instantly teleported in a different feelings and perceptions.

    This could, or could not be the case. And perhaps 'yushoo' is a symbolic character with meaning, and perhaps he just just an image created off the effects of marijuana.

    WHO KNOWS. Just never, never get paranoid. Go with the flow. If you see yushoo, welcome him and try talking to him. You never know somethings that happens in this strange world.
  7. You are Yushoo, and Yushoo has Psychosis.

  8. Guess you need to get used to it then
  9. I'm going to have Yushoo nightmares now...

    OP, would you say Yushoo is a more positive, more negative, or neutral force?

    You may have slipped into the portal guarded by cannabis. Embrace this and see how it goes.
  10. Talk to yushoo ask him why he troubles you
  11. When I first started smoking in 8th grade (19 now) I would have intense CEVS of complex geometrical shapes and patterns and would travel really fast through multi colored tunnels that would end in explosions of color like fireworks. Sometimes I'd become a star, pulsating light and communicating with other stars-exchanging pulsations-sort of like morris code. I saw an entity like being with a thousand arms, a glowing jesus, and a monk looking dude with his hands in prayer. This actually happened to me a multiple times, and I could easily entertain myself alone. Whenever I'd become aware of the external I would notice that time went realllly slow what felt like an hour was only 5 min and sounds in the external seemed miles away when they would only be a few feet. It freaked me out at the time but sometimes I wish I could get that high again :/

    You aren't alone man you probably just have an overactive imagination. I started learning to ground myself when getting high with others because otherwise I'd just float away and be boring company. Be in the moment and keep up with conversation/whats going on around you and yushoo will leave you alone.

  12. Dude your right. The window could symbol of something in my life. Im just glad to hear someone relate. Dude I appreciate your feedback. The thing is its a very neutral...thing... Im not scared of it, and it doesn't interact. Just shape shifts like a mother.

    Thats exactly what happens. When Im in the moment hes gone and I can just chill. Good to see someone has had a similar experience.

  13. This is what I thought. I honestly thought I was fading between to different worlds and the key was marijuana!

  14. Is Yushoo a positive, negative, or neutral entity?

  15. Neutral. Does not interact, but changes shapes. With the exception of the window like shape. It does make weird noises every now and then.
  16. Have you ever tried communicating with or touching it? Do you feel a certain way when you see "Yushoo"?

    And you said you also hear kids calling out his name? intriguing..:bongin:

    I've had one vision and one out of body experience (other than lucid dreaming) that both happened when I was totally sober, so I can kind of relate and I don't think you're "insane" although you probably do have some type of mental "illness". I'd call it an anomaly before I'd call it an illness though, personally.

  17. Yes, I feel... Confused, cause it never stays the same. And because I feel like im the only one who see things while high.

  18. Document it. Let's see all of the Yushoo forms you can remember.
  19. Do you have visions of other things also? Anything that you can actually get "feedback" from?

  20. I was thinking about this. Hmm. Maybe I should draw them as I see them.

    Umm. Sometimes I see TONS of fractal designs. The other night I closed my eyes and I saw this kaleidoscopic like deal with a kind cobra doing its little dance. As weird as it sounds. But guess what it all turned out to be? Yushoo.

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