What is your zombie virus plan?

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  1. Here's the scenario:
    You turn on your tv to watch a show. You are halfway through the show when it changes into an alert warning. A new virus has begun to spread, a modified human rabies. It spreads fast.

    The virus is spread through human saliva and blood transfer. If you were to get the virus, it would cause you to go crazy, become hostile and bite people. The virus takes over the brain and wants to find another host to spread, you are the vessel.

    The news says: "Safety zone is located at army base. Please limit luggage as we provide food, shelter and protection"

    You turn off your tv and stand up from where you are sitting. You hear tons sirens in the city.

    What do you do?

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  2. Sure as fuckn hell dont head to the military base where thousands of others will be heading as well

    Best thing is to stay hunkered down

    For the first few days I doubt people would start looting homes as they are trying not to get bit by some rabies geek

    Its the weeks and months after you should worry about looting in ur home, when groups of survivors start to run low on supplies

    Just try and survive as long as possible whilst being as high as fuck
    Pack food and tools, as much basic survival gear as possible, jump on my mountain bike and hightail it out of there
    Stay low in the woods for a couple of weeks, then go explore, look for other survivors 
  4. >Giggle
    >Turn off tv
    >Be glad I live in a rural area and have a substantial gun cabinet.
    >Start chopping firewood
    I don't know, man. I love weed to death, but I can't think of anything more paranoia inducing than smoking weed during the zombie apocalypse. Every noise or creak of your house would scare the shit out of you. 
  6. wake up and realize it was a dream because this will never happen
  7. The way I see it, you need something to take the edge off the incredible stress that the end of civilization brings

    And its either bud , alcohol, or some sort of prescription meds

    I dont know but Id take my chances with weed over the latter any apocalyptic day
    great post 
    It's not called hashish for nothing..
  10. I'd dawn my armor, and by armor I mean layer on layer with clothes, many clothes. And a big phat jacket on top, they cant bite through all that.
    And then I do not know what I would do, probably get a big knife, try and get some supplies and find some allies
  11. Everything is over, what's there to be stressed about? Dying? Odds are you will soon anyway.
  12. one long-term hobby of mine is to compile information relevant to end-game scenarios, so i'd grab the zombie file and a bugout bag, and as much as I could safely take with me, go hide in the woods for a few weeks with people in my immediate "care", tune in to the frequencies and respond according to reports...if it washes over then come on out, if the waves go dead then continue the 7 step program, having already completed the first couple already. Then once my immediatefamily was safe and secure I'd probably start a cross-country journey looking for certain friends/loved ones... 
    course, rabies-like?...sounds like we'd be dealing with "28 days later" types in which case I might just end up rocking back and forth on the floor until I either shoot myself or become zombie 
    If it was just shambling zombies then...well, we live in a world where we have zombie movies...unlike the world portrayed in most zombie movies it seems... so I'm sure once people realized "shooting the heart doesn't stop them" then the army/militias would be more than capable of dealing with things for the most part...
  13. Yea, 28 Days Later zombies vs Walking Dead zombies is a big difference.
  14. Well im not rambo

    I dont want to die

    And thats stressful
  15. If shit does hit the fan, I sure do hope we get Romero zombies instead of Rage zombies. Yikes.
    I feel I live in an advantageous spot to survive. Outside of this extraordinarily remote city, people are very few and far between. The downside is that half of the year gets no rainfall and we're surrounded on one side by thousands of miles of desert, and on the other by thousands of miles of ocean. I haven't yet decided if the prevalence of crocodiles is a pro or a con.
    So first thing's first, I grab the woman and likely along with our crew of friends, we pile into an assortment of trucks and vans with all of our camp gear that rarely gets unpacked anyway, and we hightail it out into the bush. We could absolutely make a go of it, of that I'm sure.
    If this were to happen after three weeks from now things would get more interesting, as I'll be starting my indefinite backpacking trip around Asia. If shit were to go down in, say, China... things could get interesting.
    A working prototype of a new magnetic levitation train generation was unveiled earlier in the year. The train operates under a vacuum at up to 1800 mph (30 mph on the 6m diameter prototype loop) and is designed with evacuation transportation in mind. The pipe-dream would be to have this system implemented at major hubs all over the world to send ships into space if humanity's survival was on the line.
  17. Gather weed.

    Gather porn.

    Gather munchies.

    Hunker down.
  18. First fill your bath, sinks, and every container you got with water while it still works. Then loot like every shop I can get into for food, bottled water and fuel. Drive back home close shutters and lock it down for a while. Majority of the zombies will starve within a few weeks just gotta outlast them.
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